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PaperCut: Helping compliance while enabling printing workflows

ecoprintQ wants you to know about PaperCut’s guide to compliance and printing in the healthcare industry. Healthcare organization’s highest priority is the well-being and safety of their patients. That extends beyond their physical health, to protecting their PHI. With prescriptions, charts, wristbands, and referrals floating around, this can be a difficult area to control. But

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How to Sell Intuitive

Intuitive has created a sales infographic to outline the key points that you need to sell Intuitive for PaperCut dashboards.  It covers the 3 main points that drive Intuitive: The underlying issues that currently surround printing Discovering the need for print management dashboards The benefits of Intuitive for PaperCut dashboards Selling Intuitive Dashboards for Print

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ecoprintQ PaperCut

PaperCut Hive Quick Scan for Ricoh and Sharp devices

Your business is unique.   Your way of doing things shouldn’t be compromised by the limitations of today’s one-size-fits-all business solutions. You need simple, quick, and reliable digitization.  You need to choose how your documents are sent to your preferred cloud storage destination. Your scanning workflow should tailor to your needs, the other way around doesn’t

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