ecoprintQ Umango Connectors

Looking for a way to connect with your clients?

Umango connectors make great solutions. The challenge companies face is the piecemeal process of scanning or importing documents and images into their information management systems for storage and future retrieval—the more time spent preparing documents and manually entering information, the more expensive the process. An added challenge is making technology accessible for staff, emphasizing quick

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ecoprintQ Intuitive Print Analytics in Education

Intuitive – Print Analytics in Education

Education establishments are heavy users of printing – for good reason. Printing is used to provide pupils and students with worksheets to enhance their learning, for reference materials and for testing knowledge. And it is commonly known that reading from a printed sheet can aid retention and understanding. However, printing can be a huge expense

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ecoprintQ The Cannata Report


Look out for ecoprintQ’s new advertisements in the May issue and the website of The Cannata Report! In May, we are excited to announce that ecoprintQ will be advertising in The Cannata Report’s magazine and website. The May issue is a special edition that celebrates their 40th-Anniversary and will include industry leading features: A4 vs.

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Umango… What is it and what value does it offer?

Umango is a global leader in the development of document scanning, file conversion and imaging software. Umango has a long history producing easy to install, configure and use software that also provides a great user experience at the MFP. They bridge the gap between where the document is sourced and how and where it is

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How Umango makes your Devices Smarter

Whether you are already comfortable selling Umango’s document scanning, file conversion and imaging solutions or would like to learn more about the approach, there are some valuable advantages to discussing Umango with your clients. Find out more about the benefits of this software here. Umango helps businesses improve workflow, collaboration, and efficiency by scanning, extracting

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