The Importance of Data Privacy and 3 Ways PaperCut MF Can Help

Data privacy can often be a huge problem. When people think of security breaches in their systems, they mostly think about hackers. Businesses, schools, law firms, health care clinics, and hospitals, among many others spend time and money making sure they have super security within their systems building firewalls or spending on intrusion detection systems.

While checking these things and spending time on them is important, this necessity to try and keep others out, makes you forget about the ones who are already in. By this I mean, those who work in these buildings and print. Luckily, PaperCut MF has great security features that can help you prevent data breaches and leaks when it comes to printing.

Data Breaches Through Printing?

Yes. An occurrence that is often heavily overlooked, data breaches through printing are often just accidents. These accidents though can lead to people’s personal information being leaked, government information being leaked, and it can even cost a person their job. You may ask yourself, how do accidents like these happen?

Apart from the 7 horror stories of government officials and politicians leaving important documents on public transportation (linked in the paragraph above), it is easy for employees to just pick up documents from printers that aren’t even theirs. As we’ve seen, it is also just as easy for someone to anonymously leave a document behind somewhere on accident. Here are 3 ways PaperCut MF secures printing to prevent data breaches and a quick note about GDPR.

Secure Print Release

Usually, in networking printing environments, a user prints from their desktop or laptop and the job is sent directly to the printer, where it begins to immediately print. With secure print release, a user prints from their device and while the print job is sent to the printer, it will not begin printing until the user has entered their credentials at the printer.

If you would like to read about secure printing in action, check out this case about Baptist Health Care in Florida who began using PaperCut MF’s secure printing feature.


Another solution PaperCut MF offers to prevent those data breaches are watermarks and digital signatures. PaperCut MF applies a visible light gray text on the bottom of each page. This allows people who may pick up the document by mistake to see the name of who printed it.

Likewise, if left somewhere, it is detailed with who printed at what time and what day. Another option is to have the watermark as an overlay on the page. A digital signature is often what follows the watermark. Oftentimes it Is a code or number that further allows you to tie the document back to whomever originally printed it.  

Print Archiving

While some may see print archiving as a type of breach of security, it allows system administrators to monitor content as well as the number of pages being printed. Sysadmins can also view and sort through archived content as a job log for any given printer, account, or user.

Along with this, print archiving helps with assisting with business decisions, usage management, enterprise-level document retrieval, and information security and audit policies. If you would like to learn more about what print archiving can do and how it will help, click here.


A quick note and lesson on GDPR. First, what does GDPR stand for and what exactly is it? General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR is new rules for data handling that was created in the EU. This new set of data handling rules affects companies that have personal identity data about their customers.

While your company may not be based in Europe, if you have clients/customers in Europe who are not complying with GDPR rules, your company could still get into trouble and be fined even if you’re based in the US or Latin America. Check out this blog article to learn more information about GDPR.  

When it comes to document, print, and data security, PaperCut MF’s CEO Chris Dance breaks it down like this, “We often think of print security as the security before print, the security of the printing process itself, and more importantly, this is what’s often underbaked, security after printing.”  As an authorized solution center, ecoprintQ is here to assist you with all things PaperCut.

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