PaperCut in the Legal Industry

Did you know that PaperCut provides an all-in-one cost recovery solution for those in the legal industry, architects, and anyone wanting to bill back for their print, copy, scan, fax and even postage usage per client? Combine this with our SMB bundle and you get the ultimate package of power, performance, and price!

Here’s how it works:

End users are able to print to any device on the network and receive a small pop-up window that prompts them to select the account they wish to charge to. This can be done with a matter number, account code, or by simply searching by name. Did we mention that each end user can set their “favorites” and see most frequently used accounts to make this process even quicker?

The accounts, clients or matter numbers can all be automatically imported from the current case management software system (or other) with our third-party integration capabilities updating papercut with those accounts as you add them. This means you only have to manage accounts in the case management software, CRM, or whichever platform you are using today. PaperCut will get those new accounts added or deleted as well.

Upon selecting the account and confirming the print job it will either hold in a secure print release queue or simply print out if using direct printing to a desktop printer or any device.

Once the job has been released the account is charged and reported within PaperCut.

Papercut can then integrate with the backend billing software to automatically add these charges to the invoices being sent to customers. Once setup you can, “set it and forget it” as we like to say because PaperCut will continue to do all the heavy lifting in the background.

Beyond print, copiers are locked down for security with PaperCut and require users to log in or use an account code for access. With this, we can add the cost of copies, scans & faxes to the back-billing of the customer as well as the printing.

Lastly, to take things a step further we have the web cashier that can be set up for cost recovery and back-billing of postage as well. Don’t forget to charge for all that mailing you have to do on top of everything else! That’s papercut’s cost recovery solution in a nutshell

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