5 Strategies to Improve and Increase Productivity at Work

When it comes to the workplace, productivity can come and go. Employees work hard to maintain and make sure a business strives, grows, and continues to succeed. However, there can be times when employee’s loose motivation or don’t feel appreciated. With this, productivity decreases. Here are 5 tips on how to keep your employees engaged, motivated, feeling appreciated, and healthy.


The most important part of a successful business is communication. A business can’t run efficiently if the communication is off within departments. Setting some time to ensure every department is communicating with each other and getting things done can only be beneficial.

Maintaining open lines of communication flowing through the entire company will ensure productivity and efficiency. When the team or teams, know what needs to be done and expresses clearly and specifically what is needed from who, chances are things will be done quicker with much better direction. With this, there is also little issues between employees.


Maintaining a routine of company trainings is ideal for little refreshers. At ecoprintQ, a PaperCut authorized solution center, also partnered with Umango, the software programs we provide are often being updated. New versions are released every few months, meaning our teams need to be up to date with the latest features.

Trainings for these new releases are created to ensure everyone is up to par with the latest. Not only does this allow us to be prepared, but as tech people, we get excited about learning new features. We can also take a little break and have some snacks like donuts brought in for training.

Team Building

Teamwork makes the dream work. Finding time for team building exercises is extremely important when working with multiple departments. Sometimes those departments must interact with each other, so it’s important to maintain a bond. Take the team out for a fun activity or create one in the office.

When employees have time to learn to work together and grow together, their communication becomes much better. With this, work flow and productivity increase. With trust and open communication, work gets done more efficiently. 

Encourage Self-Care

Mental health isseriously overlookedat most workplaces. What better way to show your employees you care by encouraging self-care? We’re all human. Stress is inevitable, so if you allow for your employees to work in a high stress environment, productivity will go out the window.

Introduce a 15 minute a day meditation session, where everyone just takes 15 minutes to meditate or take a breather. Allow for employees to take a day off every month just to get away for a bit. Create a sign-out sheet to allow people to designate their days so not everyone takes the same day.

There are just a few things that can be done to show employees you care. Encouraging them to indulge in self-care is a huge one. Even allowing for an extra 30 minutes at lunch can go a long way. Often, those who work 9-5’s can become unhappy in their mundane roles. Remind employees how grateful you are for their hard work by caring for their mental health and well-being.

Company Perks

A huge motivation for anyone to get work done is if there is a perk. Apart from this, it allows you to be excited for work. Instilling a perks program boosts morale. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy either. You can offer a fully paid half day, a free lunch, or even an extra 30 minutes for lunch.

Employees make or break companies. If they don’t feel appreciated, trained properly, or aren’t doing well, the company can take a huge hit. When business owners take the time to show how grateful they are for their employees, productivity will be high.

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