Better ways to print in education with PaperCut

As the nation’s students return to the new “normal” of their education, IT teams are tasked with finding better and safer ways to manage technology.

School’s multifunction printers are shared resources that require new approaches for student safety. It stands to reason that improving print management should be one of the first tasks for IT teams to review.

Adding PaperCut print management software to campuses print environment improves student safety immediately, by allowing for touch free document release from printers.

And while health and safety is the primary concern in a pandemic-affected school year, other benefits reveal themselves as well. Namely:

  • Better cost savings from introducing secure print release (the document is only printed when the student releases it at the printer)
  • Better sustainability with the options of forcing students to print double sided and/or in black and white only
  • Better print cost control, with the ability to set up student print quotas or simple pay-for-print systems (including all major online payment gateways).
  • Better flexibility for students still studying at home (students can press print at home, and pick the document up later at school).

If you’re ready to find a better way to manage printing in your school, get in touch with ecoprintQ. We’ll connect you to the best PaperCut solution for your print environment.

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