Data Privacy and Security in the Cloud

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How can I keep data secure and private in the Cloud?

One of the most discussed topics around the Cloud paradigm is: How can I benefit from the advantages of the Cloud, but keep private and secure my business data?

The answer can be very different, depending on whether the application architecture is Pure Cloud, or Hybrid Cloud.

Hybrid Cloud means that the user can keep inside its network his most valuable data (Customers, Contracts, Financial data, and so on), and use from the Cloud only anonymous, unmarked data.

As a solution provider, MPS Monitor has been in the Printer Management market for several years, proposing Pure Cloud solutions to Copier and Printer Dealers, and the same questions were always there, in any discussion with any prospect:

  • Are you asking me to store in the Cloud all my customers / contracts / MIF / page volumes / toner shipped ?
  • How will you protect me from unauthorized access to these data?
  • How can I be sure that all my mission-critical data will not leak out and go in the hands of my competitor?

These questions are certainly relevant, considering that many Printer Monitoring Cloud providers are also hardware or consumables producers, and have a direct business interest in the private data of their Cloud solution users.

MPS Monitor API service is the perfect fit for building up a Hybrid Cloud solution, where the sensitive and business-critical data are stored in a local database, inside the Subscriber’s network, and are not shared with anyone external.

In a Hybrid Cloud scenario, only data collected from printers are stored in the MPS Monitor Cloud Database; they are referenced using alphanumerical complex codes (like GUIDS), linked via API to the Dealer’s internal DB; the data in the Cloud do not contain personal or meaningful informations for anyone outside the Dealer’s organization.

With this architectural approach, the Dealer can keep private and secure his sensitive data, while using an efficient Cloud service for collecting and storing printer data (like counters, consumable levels and alerts) without any risk of leak or unauthorized access to his business data.

On top of this, MPS Monitor provides the highest level of security and privacy for information:

  • It is operated within a Information Security Management System compliant to ISO/IEC 27001:2014, so it ensures maximum Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of data.
  • Personal informations are stored and treated with full compliance to applicable laws, like Italian Legislateve Decree 193/2003 and EU Regulation 2016/679
  • Cloud infrastruture is phisically located within the European Union territory
  • Neither MPS Monitor nor any of its related companies are involved in any business related with primter hardware or consumables.

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