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ecoprintQ Intuitive Print Analytics in Education

Education establishments are heavy users of printing – for good reason. Printing is used to provide pupils and students with worksheets to enhance their learning, for reference materials and for testing knowledge. And it is commonly known that reading from a printed sheet can aid retention and understanding.

However, printing can be a huge expense for schools, colleges and universities, that all have to manage their IT budgets carefully. Many organizations have already chosen to implement print management software, such as PaperCut MF. The Intuitive for PaperCut dashboard solution takes your investment in print management one step further.

Intuitive for PaperCut helps educational institutions visualize and manage their print usage

Intuitive for PaperCut is a pre-integrated BI solution designed specifically for PaperCut MF. It is delivered with a complete set of standard configurations in hours not weeks. Monthly reports for different budget holders are automated and personalized with no effort. The visual dashboards identify where you can improve the efficiency of your print infrastructure in four key areas:

  • Cost: identify how you can reduce the cost of printing per student / staff member throughout school or university.
  • Waste: show how you can help to reduce print waste and ultimately contribute towards reducing the environmental impact of printing.
  • User Behavior: Gain insight into what students and staff are printing and at what volume so that you can identify areas for cost savings and encourage the behavior you require.
  • Student Success: Understand student printing behavior better and link this to academic success. Establish if students who print more get better grades, due to the fact that they are printing information that is relevant to their chosen subject area.

Key Benefits

  • Pre-designed dashboards that answer specific queries: print usage and patterns across different departments, students, pupils and teachers.
  • Visualizations of print data suited to different users, such as the Head of IT, Board of Governors, Head Teachers and the Multi Academy Trust management team.
  • Simple to use and navigate – to encourage user adoption across your school, college or university.
  • Import external data for more powerful analysis (eg. costs against budget).
  • Easy to interact with the data without any technical input required.
  • Fast to build and deploy – no more endless hours of waiting for your IT department to build a new report.

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