Intuitive BI and the Environment

Sustainability & Minimizing Print’s Environmental Impact There are many different ways a business can become sustainable: reducing waste, preventing pollution, adopting clean energy, conserving water, greening the planet by planting trees, using sustainable materials, making our products sustainable, and by adopting sustainable business travel policies. Here are some of the ways that Intuitive Business Intelligence

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Why use dashboards for Print Management?

What is a dashboard? A Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard is an interactive way to visualize and navigate through important business metrics and data.  Typically a dashboard will give a high-level view and from there the user can  “drill down” to get more specific insights.  The goal is to take a huge amount of data; possibly

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Intuitive Dashboard Version 6 + Intuitive Dashboard for PaperCut Version 2.2!

Version 6 of the Intuitive Dashboard Software Is Here!  Version 6 introduces the option to store the dashboard configuration in either an SQL Server or SQLite environment, eliminating the requirement of an external SQL server for Intuitive implementations, which opens up more opportunities to co-host Intuitive and PaperCut MF on the same application server.  Along with this, version 6

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ecoprintQ Intuitive for PaperCut

Intuitive announces Intuitive for Papercut Print Management Dashboards

Data visualisation tools provider, Intuitive, has announced the availability of its Intuitive for Papercut  dashboards. Intuitive for PaperCut MFis a pre-integrated BI solution which is delivered with a complete set of standard configurations. This allows the solution to be delivered and enabled within a single day at a significantly reduced cost and with superior analysis

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ecoprintQ Intuitive Advance Reseller Program

Intuitive Advance Reseller Program

ecoprintQ offers an Intuitive Advance Reseller Program that is loaded with benefits. Become an Intuitive Advanced Reseller today! For more information, read below or contact ecoprintQ at 1-800-236-8499 or The Intuitive Advanced Reseller Program benefits both Intuitive for PaperCut customers and Resellers. For customers, it streamlines print estate, reduces inefficient practices, and identifies manual business processes that could be automated. And for

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Intuitive Logo

Quocirca Podcast: In the Spotlight with Intuitive – Driving Higher Value MPS Engagements with Analytics

In the podcast, Roger looks at how print manufacturers and their partners can drive higher value MPS engagements with analytics. They also explore key trends in the industry, including security, cloud and sustainability and take a post-pandemic look ahead at the print industry across various sectors. Additionally, they discuss Intuitive’s partnership with ecoprintQ and how

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