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ecoprintQ, INC was founded by two brothers with a passion for printers that help save money, paper, and toner while also keeping in mind the environmental impact.  They soon had service contracts with local schools and libraries making everyone happy!  However, the brothers wanted more. 

 How could they increase savings for their customers? Not too long after the brothers posed this question, they found PaperCut.  A wonderful software that helps cut paper, toner and maintenance costs while also helping the environment!

The perfect opportunity presented itself when they realized that the local educational institution, which they were already helping on the service side, would benefit all around by keeping students and teachers from printing excessively.  They presented and implemented PaperCut at the college and the results were wonderful!  The word spread and before they knew it, offices, law firms and local businesses were asking ecoprintQ for PaperCut.

ecoprintQ became a certified PaperCut Authorized Solution Center for all North and Latin America.  The company grew, adding an energetic sales team, strong customer service specialists, lively onboarding team, a dynamic technical support team, and a high-spirited eclectic marketing team for today’s Print-Scan-Fax-Copy Management Applications.

ecoprintQ is still growing. Apart from our Miami headquarters, we also have offices in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brasil, Peru, and Argentina. We also joined in a partnership with Umango, developers of document scanning, file conversion, and imaging software. Our goal is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and nothing less. We create the solutions you need by working with you and bringing you support.

With our motto, “Until it’s Done” always in mind, we work with our ecoPartners in ensuring they have everything they need to succeed. Let us help you find the best solution to your print, scan, copy, or faxing needs. Call us at 800-236-8499 or email us at sales@ecoprintq.com.

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