Enhancing Print Management in Healthcare with ecoprintQ: Highlights from HIMSS24

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare technology, the HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) conference stands out as the premier event for industry leaders to network, exchange ideas, and explore solutions. Among the many healthcare professionals, we, alongside PaperCut were grateful and excited to immerse ourselves once again and showcase our industry-leading print management solutions specifically made for the healthcare sector.

At HIMSS 2024, we highlighted VDI integrations for print queue deployment, roaming profiles for print and scan, and our popular fax connector to enhance print management in healthcare workplaces. Buckle up as we offer you a glimpse into a future where managing print tasks is a breeze.

Gain insight to VDI and Print Deploy

Highlights from HIMSS24

Integrations with Desktop Virtualization Server Platforms

In the realm of healthcare, flexibility isn’t just nice to have; it’s a must. PaperCutMF v23, integrates seamlessly with multiple desktop virtualization server platforms like Citrix, Azure RDS, Microsoft RDS, and VMWare Horizon offering healthcare organizations unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. Imagine being able to dispatch print jobs to proximity-based queues on the “follow-me” print queues, irrespective of your OS. ChromeOS, Linux, Windows; you name it.

The ability to release print jobs at the closest printer not only amps up convenience but also puts a steel gate around patient data, safeguarding privacy and maintaining conformity with HIPAA regulations.

Secure Printing for Confidentiality

Have you ever wondered how patient confidentiality remains uncompromised in the maze of healthcare printing? Our authentication solutions demand users verify their identity before accessing print services to ensure that every sheet of paper printed is accountable. By utilizing audit logs, digital signatures, and watermarks, document security and compliance are always at the forefront.

Scan and Fax Capabilities

In a digital age, it’s easy to overlook the enduring value of a fax in healthcare settings, yet it remains an emblem of security and urgency. Our fax connectors simplify the process by enabling users to scan documents and transmit them as faxes through their preferred tax

provider, offering healthcare professionals the ability to smoothly integrate faxing into their workflow.

What other ecoPrintQ products benefit healthcare?

Our Loadbalancer solution

Imagine a world where accessing your Epic electronic health records (EHR) doesn’t involve a waiting game. Our Loadbalancer solution does just that, distributing the load to ensure quick, responsive access across multiple servers. It’s like having an efficient workforce in the background, dedicated to keeping the system up and running smoothly, thereby easing the load on your IT department and ensuring secure, fast communication. Check Out Our Loadbalancer Solution.

Intuitive Print Analytics Dashboards

At times, the key to unlocking efficiency and cost reduction lies in understanding usage and trends. Our Intuitive print analytics dashboards present a crystal-clear picture by drawing data directly from PaperCut. These dashboards guide healthcare organizations towards improved print efficiency, device utilization, and comprehensive insights into print behavior across departments. Intuitive Solutions


Navigating the waves of healthcare print management doesn’t have to be a solitary journey. At ecoprintQ, we’re dedicated to making sure your voyage is as smooth and efficient as possible, so you can focus on what truly matters, your patient’s health. From secure printing to seamless integrations, we’re here to enhance every step of your print management process.

Ready to chart a course toward simplified print management? Feel free to reach out at healthcare@ecoprintq.com to talk about steering your healthcare organization towards brighter horizons.

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