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ecoprintQ and Intuitive have partnered to provide expert Print Management & Process Management dashboards that answer real business questions and help business cut cost and operate more efficiently.

Intuitive for PaperCut is a pre-integrated BI solution designed specifically for PaperCut MF. It is delivered with a complete set of standard configurations that can be set up in hours not weeks.

You can configure monthly reports for different budget holders that are automated and personalized with little to no effort. The visual dashboards identify where you can improve the efficiency of your print infrastructure.

Intuitive is a leader in…

  • Print Management dashboards
  • HR dashboards
  • Accounts Payable dashboards
  • Budget Management dashboards

Introducing Intuitive DX

With print volumes down and hybrid working here to stay, resellers need to grow new revenue streams. That’s why we have created intuitive DX.

Intuitive DX is a new series of dashboards harnessing the power of PaperCut MF data. The Intuitive DX dashboards are designed to give resellers:

  • Quick adoption with existing customers – 4 pre-built dashboards that use existing Intuitive for PaperCut MF data.
  • New ways of navigating through print data giving you a more powerful and deeper analysis of user behaviour.
  • An add-on for both existing and new customer installations – our consistent look and feel uses Intuitive’s dashboard styling for a seamless experience.
  • Dashboards that give you customer print and scan analysis that identify areas for improved productivity, efficiency and potential savings.

Start meaningful conversations using print data around your customers business processes. These conversations can help you to sell solutions to streamline processes using digital transformation tools.

Intuitive for PaperCut

Intuitive Dashboards for PaperCut Hive Cloud

In the Spotlight with Intuitive

Print Data, made clear

Print Management Dashboards that make it easy to manage the cost of printing, better understand print demand within your organization, and communicate the environmental impact of printing.  Pre-integrated with PaperCut MF and SafeQ.

Human Resources Data, made clear

Personalized dashboards deliver data from your Human Resources systems. Improve the visibility of information across the organization to enable effective management of headcount, attrition, and sickness.

Finance data, made clear

Dashboards for budget management – allowing for processes to be controlled centrally but manage locally.

Accounts Payable Automation dashboards deliver complete visibility and drive efficiency.

Bespoke Dashboards

Intuitive adds value to software vendors solutions by delivering expert dashboards that answer common business questions. Easy to use dashboards pre-integrate with your software. With options to customize and enhance the dashboards to create additional revenue for your business.

Key benefits

  • See clearly where print demand is coming from (user, print groups, application, device and the relationships between them).
  • View the latest available usage data for your multi-function devices, giving you shorter & more effective decision cycles.
  • Automate and personalize monthly reporting for different budget holders.
  • Identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of your print management infrastructure.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your print management policies and rules.

Intuitive for PaperCut shows the CO2 produced as well as paper & electricity consumed by printing so can be used to communicate environmental impact to all print users.

Intuitive for PaperCut allows you to view data from the entire organization or filtered to show data of interest (e.g. for one or more departments, for one or more print groups, for one or more groups of printers etc.)  Submit these questions to the dashboard on demand for quicker and easier analysis than with static reports.

Intuitive Testimonials


“The Intuitive Partnership has been a great success and we now have over 80 joint customers.”

Sally Scott,
CMO of Advanced Business Solutions


“The Intuitive dashboard has been a real game changer for the Konica Minolta Managed Print Service and is an invaluable tool for our internal and external customers”

Gary McPherson, Operations Manager UK, Konica Minolta


“PAe BI is a powerful addition to our customers’ capability and provides them with a significant competitive advantage.”

Phil Madders,

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If you’re ready to learn more about the powerful features that Intuitive offers and how they can help, get in touch with ecoprintQ at or at 800 236 8499


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