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There are many companies with warehouses full of file boxes with paper documents accumulated over long periods of time.

ecoprintQ is committed to delivering excellent service to every customer, providing support at each phase of an opportunity, and promoting solutions at a every level. As a result, ecoprintQ is one of the world’s top Authorized Solution Center. In addition to providing exceptional products and services to their customers, ecoprintQ is also dedicated to saving the planet. We offer several products that not only saves money, they also reduce paper usage and waste, ultimately reduce carbon emissions and save trees.

PaperCut Software was formed over 22 years ago when their founder was working as a SysAdmin at a local high school and was appalled with the pile of paper sitting next to the waste basket every day.

Shortly after the release of version 1.0, they realized that saving waste was more than just about paper. There are significant time and cost wastes as well. 

PaperCut is in the business of saving trees. To date, over 139 million users in 195 countries are reducing their paper wastage with our software. Business is good.

One of the primary aims of PaperCut NG/MF is to reduce printing levels by changing a user’s printing behavior. Implementing monitoring, quotas and charging are a good way of drawing a user’s attention to their habits.

Across all PaperCut customers, Hold/Release has held back 3,415,929,026 sheets. Of that 3.4 billion held, only 1.063 billion were released, this gives us a total of 2.337 billion sheets saved.

Divide that by 8,333 sheets and we get 280,451 trees!

To date, PaperCutters all around the world have saved 280,451 trees.

Eliminating waste is the foundation of PaperCut. Sustainability is one of the core values in their vision for the future. 


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PaperCut Grows

PaperCut is expanding their portfolio beyond products and features to include programs. One such program is PaperCut Grows, a new sustainability initiative that allows organizations to become forest positive by quickly and easily planting trees based on their printing.

Intuitive provides Print Management Dashboards that make it easy for companies to manage the cost of printing, better understand print demand within the organization, and communicate the environmental impact of printing. With the use of Intuitive’s dashboard, companies can quickly see CO2 produced, electricity used, and the number of trees consumed. This information allows companies to review the impact of their print activity across the organization. In return, they  can make the necessary changes to reduce printing cost, volume, and the overall impact on the environment.

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There are many companies with warehouses full of file boxes with paper documents accumulated over long periods of time.

Would this be considered productive? Keep in mind there are hidden costs involved such as location costs, temperature control, and the possible risk of fire or theft.

 Would this practice be an example for promoting paper recycling?

Not if you want to be viewed as an avant-garde, productive and even more importantly “Socially responsible” company. One mustn’t let issues like these fall to the wayside. Just one tiny spark and years of record-keeping, documents, and money paid for storage are lost, not to mention the pollutants that can contaminate our environment.

Digitalization is the future! Gone are the days of local file storage. Therefore, we feel that in the cloud is the best option. Digitalizing your company records and keeping them in one central location makes it a breeze to search, manage, and update them.

Dare to start digitalizing your records with Umango. This simple solution that lets you extract information from scanned documents or convert them into editable formats and the option to store them in the Cloud.

Umango, the best solution for promoting awareness, process improvement, and reducing your corporate carbon footprint.


If you’re ready to learn more about any of our partners and how they can help you and the environment, get in touch with ecoprintQ at or 1-800-236-8499. We will connect you to the best solutions for your print environment.

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Introducing PrintReleaf

PrintReleaf connects you to a network of reforestation projects and reduces your organization’s environmental impact by automatically planting trees where the planet needs them most.

PrintReleaf is a Platform for Automated Global Reforestation

PrintReleaf collects paper consumption data from the source via MPS Monitor eXplorer DCA Agent installed inside the customer’s network. PrintReleaf precisely measures paper consumption on-demand. A customer’s paper footprint is represented by the aggregate total of their paper consumption over time. At the end of each month, each customer’s cumulative paper footprint is distributed evenly to the reforestation projects of their choice.


Through PrintReleaf, paper consumption is measured and trees are automatically reforested across our global network of certified reforestation projects to continually offset a customer’s environmental impact.

PrintReleaf guarantees every sheet of paper a customer consumes will be reforested at a rate of 8,333 sheets of standard letter (8.5 × 11″ 20lb paper) or 37.16kg per tree (40ft height × 7in width or 12.192m × 0.1778m).

This open-source formula is widely and generally accepted as the industry standard as established by the Environmental Paper Network. The Environmental Paper Network is a coalition of over one hundred global organizations including the Environmental Defense Fund and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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PrintReleaf certifies the reforestation of each customer’s forest footprint according to the measurement and calculations defined in the PrintReleaf Standard.

 When their forest footprint is reforested, customers are issued certificates for trees planted at reforestation projects of their choice.

 These certificates serve as living documents which are automatically updated when the trees are planted, audited, and verified survived over an eight year timeline.

How to activate PrintReleaf

MPS Monitor is an Authorized Distribution and Integration Partner of PrintReleaf.

To activate the PrintReleaf Reforestation Service, you need to have an active MPS Monitor user login. In your MPS Monitor Portal dedicated area you will find prices, commercial and operational conditions for PrintReleaf Reforestation Service.

For more informations on PrintReleaf, please visit

For more information on MPS Monitor, please visit ecoprintQ’s MPS monitor page by clicking here.

If you’re ready to learn more about any of our partners and how they can help you and the environment, get in touch with ecorpintQ at or 1-800-236-8499. We will connect you to the best solutions for your print environment.


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