Print Tracker is a secure, cloud-based scalable SAAS platform that gives you all the features you need to have complete visibility to your printer fleet. It is the simple way to manage your printers.

Print Tracker gathers the device description, IP address, serial number, device location, page count, toner levels, and service alerts of all printing devices.

Top Features

Remote Technician™

Save your technician a trip to your customer’s office by securely and remotely accessing any connected device’s embedded web page as if you were on site.

Advanced Reporting

Get the data you need to make informed decisions about your fleet. Our advanced reporting tools allow you to see the big picture and drill down to the details.

Power Users

Are you a power user? Harness the power of SQL to dig deep into your data. Create custom reports and schedule them to run automatically.

Real-time DCA

Securely interact with your data collection agent in real-time. Change settings, upload meters, scan for devices, and more without waiting around.

Improved security

Remote Technician leverages industry standard protocols and encryption methods and does not require any port-forwarding or other special firewall configurations to work.

Alerts & Insights

Receive notifications to keep you informed. Print Tracker implements several algorithms to help you understand your customers’ supply usage and take proactive action.

What does it do?

Every organization has different needs when it comes to reporting. As the premiere system for print fleet management, Print Tracker Pro collects every data point your device supports and you can customize your reports with exactly what you need.

Print Tracker Pro is the ideal solution to gain full control and proper cost management of the printer fleet. The system allows dealers and service providers to:

Monitor remotely the devices installed at your client’s/user’s sites.
Receive and manage alerts on the condition of the consumables.
Easily Implement with quick installation.
Ensure Multi-brand compatibility for printers, multifunction models, and networks.
Perform page counter readings on the devices.
Maintain a database that records all events and device-related data.
Conduct searches, even complex ones, and create reports on all data retrieved from devices.
Carry out  global management of contracts related to the devices, whether it’s a question of cartridge consumption or costs per page.
Real-time access to all data and indicators of volume, consumption, average coverage, duration, and frequency of consumable changes; using the power and flexibility of SQL. 
Integrate with any database system, ERP, CRM, or other software dedicated to the management of fleets of devices and related services.


Heirarchy and Settings

Billing Meters

Billing Reports


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Cross-platform support

The Print Tracker data collection agent is supported on Windows, macOS and several Linux distributions including Debian, Ubuntu, and Raspbian.


We’re constantly improving Print Tracker, but that isn’t something that you should have to worry about. All our agents automatically upgrade themselves.


Do you want to install multiple agents on the same network? Not a problem! Print Tracker will automatically cluster multiple agents so they work together to collect data from the same devices without you having to configure a thing!

SNMPv1, 2 and 3

Print Tracker can talk to any device that supports SNMP and is compatible with all SNMP versions. Is your customer security-conscious and using SNMP v3? No problem!

Supply burn-down charts

Easily visualize years worth of supply consumption across all your supplies at a glance.

Alert management

Change the resolution status of supply alerts and take notes on your alerts. Statuses and notes are shared across your team.

Role-based access control (RBAC)

Give your employees and your customers access to Print Tracker. Control what your users are allowed to do using our role-based access control system.


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