MPS Monitor introduces its new Data Collection Agent (DCA)

MPS Monitor®, the company that develops and distributes the leading SaaS platform for the remote monitoring and management of printers and multifunctional devices, announced today the immediate availability of its new Data Collection Agent (DCA) version 4. The new version brings a wealth of innovative and revolutionary features that are, in most cases, first to

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How ecoprintQ and PaperCut Help Technology Dealers with Healthcare Opportunities

Healthcare offers a great opportunity for office technology resellers. Estimated at over $135 billion annually (globally), PaperCut and partner ecoprintQ have dedicated resources to this vertical. Watch as PaperCut’s Mat Buttrey and ecoprintQ’s Ross Wood chat with Industry Analysts’ Andy Slawetsky about print management, healthcare and how dealers can capitalize on these customers. ecoprintQ is committed to delivering excellent service

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¿Qué es PaperCut Grows?

PaperCut ha estado reduciendo el desperdicio de impresión durante 20 años y contando, evitando que se impriman 2300  millones  de páginas innecesarias, lo que equivale a 280 451 árboles salvados. Pero reducir el desperdicio es solo una parte del problema. Ahora están resolviendo la segunda mitad de la ecuación de la impresión: después de reducir los desechos, ¿cómo retribuyen

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ecoprintQ PaperCut

General availability for PaperCut MF 22.0 is now live!

How do you make the market leading print management solution better? Over the last two years of pandemic disruption, PaperCut has seen and heard firsthand the changing needs of their customers and partners. They are listening and taking action to meet evolving customer priorities and build upon PaperCut MF’s market leading position, as recognized by

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ecoprintQ_PaperCut _Grows

What is PaperCut Grows?

PaperCut has been reducing print waste for 20 years and counting, preventing 2.3 billion unnecessary pages from being printed, amounting to 280,451 trees saved. But reducing waste is just one part of the problem. They are now solving the second half of the print equation: after reducing waste, how do they give back to the environment? PaperCut

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Umango, One of the Most Simple, Easy-to-Use Batch Scanning Application for those who Need to Scan, Index and Store Documents.

We all are aware of the growing importance of document storage, retrieval, and management. After all, who wants to be swimming around in a sea of paper? Unless you enjoy working and managing information, anyone with piles of paperwork will tell you they’d rather those piles were digital. And the best way to digitize your

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ecoprintQ PaperCut -healthcare-patient-security

Managed Print Services for Healthcare

What are the true benefits of managed print services (MPS) for healthcare? There are three areas in healthcare where MPS is important: 1) protecting print privacy, 2) increasing print security, and 3) providing print service, support, and monitoring. Print providers can offer a unique, timesaving, stress-reducing service that supports these vital institutions. The following are

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ecoprintQ Intuitive BI Connector PaperCut Hive

Intuitive’s New Intuitive BI Connector for PaperCut Hive

ecoprintQ is proud to support Intuitive’s announcement of its Intuitive BI Connector for PaperCut Hive. The Intuitive BI Connector for PaperCut Hive allows organizations to connect their print data from PaperCut Hive to Intuitive’s pre-integrated BI solution with a complete set of standard print management dashboards. Companies can be up and running within a matter

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ecoprintQ Umango Connectors

Looking for a way to connect with your clients?

Umango connectors make great solutions. The challenge companies face is the piecemeal process of scanning or importing documents and images into their information management systems for storage and future retrieval—the more time spent preparing documents and manually entering information, the more expensive the process. An added challenge is making technology accessible for staff, emphasizing quick

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ecoprintQ Intuitive Print Analytics in Education

Intuitive – Print Analytics in Education

Education establishments are heavy users of printing – for good reason. Printing is used to provide pupils and students with worksheets to enhance their learning, for reference materials and for testing knowledge. And it is commonly known that reading from a printed sheet can aid retention and understanding. However, printing can be a huge expense

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