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Enhancing Healthcare Printing Efficiency: The Significance of Advanced Print Analytics

The healthcare industry is grappling with various challenges, including escalating costs, staffing shortages, heightened service demand, post-Covid recovery, and the push for increased digital health investments. Despite the UK National Health Service’s plan to go paperless over five years ago, recent reports revealed significant expenditures on paper medical records storage, indicating a substantial volume of […]

Improve Your Print Estate Management

Supercharge your customer QBRs with our Printer Analysis dashboards – showing under and over-utilized printers, allowing you to reduce maintenance costs and better utilize your print estate. Fill out the form below in order to get a 40 day trial. This Intuitive new version 3.0 includes 8 pre-configured dashboards that will help you to analyze and have more into deep experience with new important features for data visualization as including:  ecoprintQ is committed to […]

Intuitive Dashboard Version 6 + Intuitive Dashboard for PaperCut Version 2.2!

Version 6 of the Intuitive Dashboard Software Is Here!  Version 6 introduces the option to store the dashboard configuration in either an SQL Server or SQLite environment, eliminating the requirement of an external SQL server for Intuitive implementations, which opens up more opportunities to co-host Intuitive and PaperCut MF on the same application server.  Along with this, version 6 […]

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