Unlocking Cloud Print Solutions: Introducing PaperCut MF 24.0 & Unified Subscriptions!

Are you ready to elevate your print solutions to the Cloud?

If you’re tired of dealing with complex print environments, escalating costs, and inefficient workflows, then you’re in for a treat! 

At ecoprintQ, we understand the unique challenges each organization faces when transitioning to the cloud, and we’re excited to introduce PaperCut MF 24.0—a comprehensive solution that tackles your cloud hurdles head-on, without any financial restraints. 

Welcome to the Future of Cloud Print Management!  

PaperCut MF 24.0 implements the new Unified Subscription Model, combining PaperCut MF & PaperCut Hive into the dynamic duo they were always meant to be! 

Now, with the ability to tailor PaperCut’s products (MF & Hive) to a user’s personal printing requirements (On-Prem, Hybrid, Cloud), customers can effectively migrate to the cloud at their own pace! Plus, upgrading requires no additional cost! 

What’s New in PaperCut MF 24.0? 

Unified Subscription Model for MF & Hive 

  • No more juggling multiple subscriptions! With Unified Subscriptions, seamlessly switch between MF & Hive to suit your evolving needs, all under one plan! 
  • MF Perpetual Licensing remains available for a transitional period. 

Benefits Galore for Early Adopters 

  • Trailblazer Benefits: Free access to the On-Prem OCR and Document Processing Pack, increased free Print Deploy Zones, and VDI benefits. 
  • Cost-Effective Transition: Early adopters can convert their remaining maintenance and support to pre-paid subscriptions, maximizing their term without additional costs. 

General Subscription Enhancements 

  • Flexible multi-subscription support customized to fit your project needs! 
  • Say goodbye to those pesky license exchange fees! 

Brand Neutral Devices 

  • Customers can use their device entitlements across any brand.
  • This applies to current customers and customers with subscriptions. 

Why the Change? 

Embracing Market Trends 

  • With cloud print solutions becoming the new norm, we’re evolving to meet market demands and futureproofing our solutions process for you. 

Simplified and Transparent Pricing 

  • No more confusion! Our Unified Subscription Model addresses competitive pricing gaps and simplifies the software renewal cycle. 

Elevating Customer Lifetime Value 

  • Switching to a subscription-based model means continuous service and higher customer satisfaction, leading to more repeatable sales streams and a brighter future for us all. 

In a world where the sky is the limit, let PaperCut MF 24.0 be the shooting star that guides you through your cloud hosting journey! 

Ready to take the leap? Contact your local ecoChannel Manager for more information about PaperCut MF 24.0 and Unified Subscription Pricing! Join the print revolution with PaperCut MF 24.0 and transform your print infrastructure today!

Unlocking Cloud Print Solutions: Introducing PaperCut MF 24.0 & Unified Subscriptions!
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