The Rise of PaperCut Mobility Print: New Chrome App to Extension Updates!

The Rise of Mobile Printing

The widespread use of mobile devices in the workplace has created a significant demand for mobile printing solutions within managed print services (MPS). Employees now expect the convenience of printing directly from their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile gadgets. 

MPS providers are enhancing their offerings to include mobile printing capabilities, enabling secure printing from any mobile device. PaperCut’s Mobility Print is here to ensure that managed print environments can accommodate a diverse array of personal devices while maintaining high standards of security and efficiency.  

PaperCut Mobility Print & Google Cloud Print Alternative

PaperCut has been making printing easy since the company was founded and now it is offering a free printing alternative for people bringing their own devices. With Google’s Cloud Print ending, PaperCut’s innovative cloud print tech has got you covered! 

  • Windows, Chromebook, & Mac users can print remotely and outside the network by sending print jobs over the internet. 
  • Mobility Print enables easy local printing from BYO iPads, iPhones, Android, Windows, Chromebook & Mac devices.

How to Access PaperCut’s Mobility Print Feature on the go?

  1. Download & Install Mobility Print on your computer or any virtual machine with access to your printers.
  2. Deploy with Google Workspace or Share a setup link with your users to guide them through accessing printers.

Chrome App to Extension Migration Announcement

As of June 30th, 2024, organizations using the Mobility Print Chrome Application on Windows, macOS, or Linux must migrate to the new Mobility Print Extension

If you are using Mobility Print Chrome App only on Chrome OS, you’ll have until August 30th, 2024, to download the updated Mobility Print Extension. 

Follow along with the step-by-step video presentation displaying how to migrate from PaperCut’s Mobility Print App to the Mobility Print Extension as soon as possible 

How Does PaperCut Mobility Print Work?

PaperCut’s Cloud Service keeps users printing securely whether they are out of network or on an untrusted guest network. Essentially, cloud printing is the backbone that supports the flexibility and connectivity of productive organizations in the modern workplace and individual users printing at home, a library, or a coffee shop! Here’s how Mobility Print enhances productivity in dynamic settings:  

  • Ease of Access: Whether you’re working from home, a coworking space, or a hybrid office, cloud printing allows you to print documents from any device, anywhere there’s an internet connection. (Mobile Printing) 
  • Seamless Integration: Cloud Printing integrates smoothly with various devices and operating systems, eliminating compatibility issues. This is particularly beneficial in coworking spaces where users may have different types of devices.  
  • Enhanced Collaboration: With cloud printing, sharing documents with colleagues is as simple as clicking a button. You can print and distribute materials quickly, ensuring that everyone has the necessary information, regardless of their location. 
  • Security & Management: Cloud printing solutions often come with robust security features, such as user authentication and encrypted data transfer to ensure sensitive documents remain protected. Additionally, centralized management allows IT teams to monitor and control printing activities across different locations.

Elevate your client’s print capabilities and secure their print infrastructure with PaperCut Mobility Print! Print anywhere, anytime, from any device! 

The Rise of PaperCut Mobility Print: New Chrome App to Extension Updates!
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