8 Reasons to invest in Print Management

Shrinking budgets and the need to be more cost-effective are major concerns of many organizations across the world, especially within the education sector. The requirement to print paper documents on a daily basis is not going to cease in the near future and so it is vital that business leaders look for new ways to

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Umango The Easiest and Fastest Document Capture Solution

Whether you are a law firm, market research company, advertising agency, or non-profit, Umango Connectors can help your business with data capture. Umango Connectors will help you provide great value to your customers by enabling them to capture and share their data in the cloud. Customers have outgrown their dependency on paper use and are

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How does cloud print work?

Cloud printing is a convenient way to print from anywhere. As a cloud-based solution, it enables you to print remotely and outside your local network by securely and speedily sending print jobs over the internet. The type of cloud-based print service most employees might be familiar with is sending a document from their smartphone or

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MPS Monitor supports cloud and hybrid working trends as identified by a recent Quocirca report

MPS Monitor 2.0 supports the key trends in cloud printing as identified by a recent report entitled ‘The Cloud Print Services Market Landscape, 2022’. The report has been published by Quocirca, the print industry’s leading source of independent market insight and advisory services. For organizations looking to adopt a hybrid model, optimizing print functionality while

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What is cloud print?

Cloud printing services fall under two separate functionalities. Software that provides print enablement over the cloud. And software that provides print management in the cloud. Cloud print vs cloud print management Cloud print/cloud printing and cloud print management sound similar. But they mean two distinct forms of cloud print solutions. Cloud print or cloud printing

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¿Qué es PaperCut Grows?

PaperCut ha estado reduciendo el desperdicio de impresión durante 20 años y contando, evitando que se impriman 2300  millones  de páginas innecesarias, lo que equivale a 280 451 árboles salvados. Pero reducir el desperdicio es solo una parte del problema. Ahora están resolviendo la segunda mitad de la ecuación de la impresión: después de reducir los desechos, ¿cómo retribuyen

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ecoprintQ The Cannata Report


Look out for ecoprintQ’s new advertisements in the May issue and the website of The Cannata Report! In May, we are excited to announce that ecoprintQ will be advertising in The Cannata Report’s magazine and website. The May issue is a special edition that celebrates their 40th-Anniversary and will include industry leading features: A4 vs.

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Umango… What is it and what value does it offer?

Umango is a global leader in the development of document scanning, file conversion and imaging software. Umango has a long history producing easy to install, configure and use software that also provides a great user experience at the MFP. They bridge the gap between where the document is sourced and how and where it is

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Intuitive v3 ecoprintQ print hotspots

Print Hotspots

How do I use Intuitive for PaperCut MF v3 to identify expensive print hotspots in my organization? Fill out the form below in order to get a 40 day trial. This Intuitive new version 3.0 includes 8 pre-configured dashboards that will help you to analyze and have more into deep experience with new important features for data visualization as including:  ecoprintQ is committed to delivering excellent service to every customer, providing support at each phase of an

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