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MFP’s and cybersecurity: A quick guide on improving your print security for 2023

It’s great to be able to plan for the future, especially when it comes to cybersecurity! Print security can be a real challenge, so it’s smart to have a strategy in place for your print environment in 2023. Multi-function printers (MFPs) can be incredibly useful for businesses, but they can also open up some potential […]

Securing Patient Health Information with PaperCut

For CIOs, CISOs, or CTOs in the healthcare sector, security is one of many competing priorities vying for investment. Print management can be an unlikely hero with some of the biggest wins for security leaders looking to do more with less. Avoid misplaced and misprinted PHI with Secure Print Release In a standard network printing […]

Flexible Printing with PaperCut MF for Local Government

Rounding out our ways in which PaperCut MF can benefit the local government sector series, we’re finishing off with discussing how PaperCut MF keeps printing flexible. Be sure to check out our Secure Printing with PaperCut MF for Local Government, Easy Printing with PaperCut MF for Local Government, and Sustainable Printing with PaperCut MF for […]

Secure Printing for Local Government with PaperCut MF

In our previous blog about local government, which can be found here, we took a look at how PaperCut MF made printing easy for the government sector. In this blog, we’ll look at the common questions that surround the local government sector when it comes to security by uncovering the main issues local government may […]

Easy Printing for Local Government with PaperCut MF’s Print Management Software

Whether you call it local government, council, or community services, they’re the kind souls keeping our area functional, safe, and fun. It’s not just the frustrating DMV, the stale voting office, the boring ‘red tape’ runner, it’s all the helpful organizations that makeour communities better! In this blog, we’ll look at the common questions that […]

How PaperCut reimagined the print server (by removing it)

The dream of cloud print management is to achieve a reliable, secure, and fast printing experience without any dedicated on-site infrastructure (beyond the printer of course). However, print management in the cloud has previously meant: Slow print speeds Clunky/non-intuitive UX (User Experience) Security concerns over sensitive data traversing the cloud Complicated VPN configuration Only works […]

The Importance of Data Privacy and 3 Ways PaperCut MF Can Help

Data privacy can often be a huge problem. When people think of security breaches in their systems, they mostly think about hackers. Businesses, schools, law firms, health care clinics, and hospitals, among many others spend time and money making sure they have super security within their systems building firewalls or spending on intrusion detection systems. […]

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