Edge Mesh

Offline Printing with PaperCut Hive and PaperCut Pocket

The interruptions to our professional and personal lives during the COVID-19 era have taught us ‘normal’ was once easily taken for granted.  For many workplaces, normal operations became challenging. Modern businesses have been using the internet and the cloud for years now, but transitioning to remote working was a game-changer. Reliable internet access and cloud […]

How PaperCut reimagined the print server (by removing it)

The dream of cloud print management is to achieve a reliable, secure, and fast printing experience without any dedicated on-site infrastructure (beyond the printer of course). However, print management in the cloud has previously meant: Slow print speeds Clunky/non-intuitive UX (User Experience) Security concerns over sensitive data traversing the cloud Complicated VPN configuration Only works […]

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