Print Management in Cloud

The Rise of PaperCut Mobility Print: New Chrome App to Extension Updates!

The Rise of Mobile Printing The widespread use of mobile devices in the workplace has created a significant demand for mobile printing solutions within managed print services (MPS). Employees now expect the convenience of printing directly from their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile gadgets.  MPS providers are enhancing their offerings to include mobile printing capabilities, […]

Print management in the cloud, the PaperCut way

PaperCut’s built a cloud-native platform, PapeCut Hive, for print management. Cool, huh! Print management with serious IoT tech As time went by, and we learned about the developing platform’s tech, we were suitably impressed. I mean, it’s one thing to shift to cloud print management because you want to do away with print servers, but […]

PaperCut Hive Has Launched!

Powerfully simple print management for small businesses today … PaperCut Hive brings powerfully simple print management to small businesses. It’s simple to sell, simple to manage, and simple to support. Today, it’s for small businesses with simple print environments. And later in 2021, it’ll be ready for ALL businesses, great and small.  PaperCut Hive + […]

How PaperCut reimagined the print server (by removing it)

The dream of cloud print management is to achieve a reliable, secure, and fast printing experience without any dedicated on-site infrastructure (beyond the printer of course). However, print management in the cloud has previously meant: Slow print speeds Clunky/non-intuitive UX (User Experience) Security concerns over sensitive data traversing the cloud Complicated VPN configuration Only works […]

Public cloud vs private cloud vs hybrid cloud

Ever seen the terms public, private, and hybrid cloud and asked yourself, “Hmm, I wonder how they relate to the print management space?” Ok, you probably haven’t wondered that. Regardless, it’s time we learned! Why move print management to the cloud again? Before diving into this topic, you may want to think about your own […]

Why move print management into the cloud?

Cloud services are so pervasive in 2020 that we use them without noticing. Streaming music, movies, or TV? You’re in the cloud. Backing up your photos on your phone? The cloud. Using online spreadsheets or word processing software? Cloud. Streaming video games? And so on.  The cloud is everywhere. It’s replaced so much infrastructure, not […]

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