Maximizing Epic EHR Performance with Load Balancing Solutions

What is an EHR? (Electronic Health Record) In its simplest form, an Electronic Health Record (EHR) is the digital equivalent of a patient’s paper chart. It encapsulates a comprehensive collection of information concerning a patient’s medical history, encompassing details such as medications, allergies, diagnoses, treatment plans, immunization dates, radiology images, and laboratory test results. Going

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ecoprintQ Loadbalancer critical print management

Loadbalancer & ecoprintQ  Want You to Know Why Zero Downtime for Print Management is Critical

Print server downtime can slow down productivity, frustrate employees, and take attention away from an organization’s true focus – its products, services, and customers. Effectively managing, streamlining, and optimizing the print fleet and document workflow is key for any business – and a properly load balanced print management solution can ensure zero downtime, resilience, a

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What Can We Learn From the Recent Facebook Outage?

On the October 4th 2021, the social media giant Facebook experienced a global outage, affecting not only Facebook, but also other Facebook products, including Instagram and WhatsApp. The outage lasted for around 6 hours. This of course affected many people all across the world, but now that the issue has been resolved and Facebook has released

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How and When to Update Your Load Balancer

A quick guide outlining when and why you should update your hardware, virtual, and cloud appliances. Should you even be updating your appliance? Well, we don’t mind if you do or not – the choice is yours. The pros are that with’s feature-rich appliance, often when you update you gain additional features –

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Printing without pain: How to scale print environments and avoid downtime

We’ve had many companies come to us over the years with problems they’re facing in their print environments. These systems might vary hugely in their size and complexity – but we’ve learned that, whatever the scale, it all comes down to a few main issues. Print environments often bring together multiple technologies and applications, which

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Choosing the best option to host across multiple locations or data centers

Multi-site, multi-cloud, and multi-data center are relatively well-used terms these days – but what are your options when hosting applications across multiple sites or data centers? Organizations are moving away from the traditional data center model, and favoring a hybrid approach to hosting their systems and applications, that involves multiple sites, providers, and even cloud

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