MFP’s and cybersecurity: A quick guide on improving your print security for 2023

It’s great to be able to plan for the future, especially when it comes to cybersecurity! Print security can be a real challenge, so it’s smart to have a strategy in place for your print environment in 2023. Multi-function printers (MFPs) can be incredibly useful for businesses, but they can also open up some potential […]

Software level-up: what do printers and video games have in common?

FIFA, Madden NFL, and NBA2K are some of the world’s most popular and longest-running multi-platform video game series, year in and year out. Why, though? Whether it’s FIFA 14 or FIFA 21, the game’s premise doesn’t change. It’s still: kick the ball between the white posts, and red cards are bad. But players still upgrade every year to the […]

Plan for the Worst When it Comes to Critical IT Systems.

No IT system is ever designed to fail. But they can – and they do. So how can you protect your critical IT systems and servers, to ensure high availability and guarantee zero downtime? Why do systems fail? In a world where tech is constantly evolving, it’s impossible to predict all future issues/glitches that might […]

How and When to Update Your Load Balancer

A quick guide outlining when and why you should update your hardware, virtual, and cloud appliances. Should you even be updating your appliance? Well, we don’t mind if you do or not – the choice is yours. The pros are that with’s feature-rich appliance, often when you update you gain additional features – […]

Time is care: simplifying fax integrations for healthcare

In April PaperCut launched their Scan to Fax integration for the healthcare industry, as part of PaperCut MF 21.0. It was the culmination of healthcare product engineers tirelessly crafting faxing integrations for more than 10 months.  Faxing is a critical method of securely transmitting patient data in healthcare. But it often means a separate and disparate workflow away […]

Securing Patient Health Information with PaperCut

For CIOs, CISOs, or CTOs in the healthcare sector, security is one of many competing priorities vying for investment. Print management can be an unlikely hero with some of the biggest wins for security leaders looking to do more with less. Avoid misplaced and misprinted PHI with Secure Print Release In a standard network printing […]

Load balancing EHR for Healthier Healthcare IT Applications

Optimizing Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) means maximizing availability, performance, and security – and that’s where load balancers come in. EHR is prevalent in North America. In the US, if you encounter a health emergency while on vacation or a business trip, you no longer have to carry your pill bottles or produce hard-to-remember drug names […]

Secure Printing for Local Government with PaperCut MF

In our previous blog about local government, which can be found here, we took a look at how PaperCut MF made printing easy for the government sector. In this blog, we’ll look at the common questions that surround the local government sector when it comes to security by uncovering the main issues local government may […]

3 IT Security Tips to Keep Your Business Safe

With the ever-evolving world of technology, cybercrime has steadily followed suit. Although it’s hard to be 100% foolproof, taking measures to heighten security to lower the risk of being hacked.  To ensure your business is making strides to protect itself from cybercrime, here are 3 tips on how to keep your business protected. Enforce a […]

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