What Can We Learn From the Recent Facebook Outage?

On the October 4th 2021, the social media giant Facebook experienced a global outage, affecting not only Facebook, but also other Facebook products, including Instagram and WhatsApp. The outage lasted for around 6 hours. This of course affected many people all across the world, but now that the issue has been resolved and Facebook has released

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Choosing the best option to host across multiple locations or data centers

Multi-site, multi-cloud, and multi-data center are relatively well-used terms these days – but what are your options when hosting applications across multiple sites or data centers? Organizations are moving away from the traditional data center model, and favoring a hybrid approach to hosting their systems and applications, that involves multiple sites, providers, and even cloud

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Load balancing PaperCut Print Servers

Loadbalancer.org has worked with many companies to solve the problems they’re facing in their print environments. As print specialists, Loadbalancer.org understands that these environments can be complex, with multiple technologies and applications – so it brings these layers together to create systems that are reliable, highly available, and high-performing. Check out our Introduction to Load

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