Navigating Tomorrow’s Trends: Explore Solution Growth Areas in 2024 & 2025 with UMANGO!

Are you ready to tap into the explosive growth potential of 2024 and 2025?

If so, you’re in the right place. The landscape of business is rapidly evolving, with document capture and AI Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) emerging as the driving forces behind this transformation. UMANGO stands at the forefront of this revolution, poised to empower sellers like you with the tools and solutions needed to thrive in this dynamic environment. As industries increasingly shift towards digital workflows and streamlined processes, UMANGO offers a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to enhance efficiency, compliance, and sustainability.

Whether you’re a seasoned seller looking to expand your portfolio or a newcomer eager to capitalize on the latest trends, UMANGO provides the expertise and support you need to succeed.

Industry Trends.

Less-Paper Future:

Say goodbye to paper clutter! With UMANGO, embrace the fusion of AI-driven document capture and digital workflows. Efficiency, compliance, and sustainability take center stage as UMANGO paves the way for a more streamlined future.

Scanning and Digital Capture Surge:

The digital revolution is in full swing, and UMANGO is at the forefront. Invest in scanners and multifunction devices to minimize paper dependency and digitize workflows seamlessly. UMANGO offers the ideal solution to enhance this capability, making it a chargeable value-add for your business.


Revisit and Uncover Opportunities: UMANGO provides a golden opportunity to reconnect with clients and unearth new possibilities. Stay ahead of the curve by integrating UMANGO solutions into your offerings.

Major Trends in IDP:

  • AI-Powered Document Automation: Experience the power of AI as UMANGO transforms IDP with advanced OCR, ICR, and AI technologies. Speed up processing and ensure accuracy across document types effortlessly.
  • Business Process Integration: Seamlessly integrate UMANGO into your company operations for smoother document flow. Precise classification and understanding of documents elevate workflows to new heights.
  • Human Oversight: While automation progresses, human input remains essential. UMANGO incorporates a human-in-the-loop model, ensuring accuracy and reliability at every step.
  • Generative AI’s Advancements: Interact with documents like never before with UMANGO’s conversational interfaces. Query specific information effortlessly and extract data points with ease using UMANGO’s Ask AI feature.

Questions to Ask Clients:

  1. Tell me how you currently use your MFP to scan?
    • Discover inefficiencies: Many clients may piecemeal scan documents to their email, creating multiple inefficient steps. UMANGO can automate these processes, streamlining operations.
  2. What document management systems do you use?
    • Enhance relationships: Understanding your client’s existing systems allows you to integrate UMANGO seamlessly, fostering deeper engagement and adding value to their operations.
  3. How much effort does it take to find a new client?
    • Revisit and uncover opportunities: Reflect on the resources and time invested in acquiring new clients. Reconnecting with existing clients can yield substantial returns. UMANGO provides an opportunity to revisit clients, strengthen relationships, and uncover new business opportunities.

Ready to Ride the Wave with UMANGO?

Visit or consult your channel manager to explore UMANGO solutions for your clients. Embrace the future of document capture with UMANGO by your side. Let’s embark on this journey together!

Navigating Tomorrow’s Trends: Explore Solution Growth Areas in 2024 & 2025 with UMANGO!
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