Umango and data extraction tools

Umango is an awesome batch scanning application that makes it easy to quickly scan, name, index and store documents. It’s super efficient and fast, so you can get your scanning done in no time! Plus, it’s really user-friendly and makes organizing documents a breeze! Need to quickly scan documents? No problem! You can easily scan

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What are your serverless printing options?

It’s important to remember that no two IT environments are the same. Each has its own unique integrations, dependencies, and printer brands and models. That’s why PaperCut offers a variety of serverless printing solutions to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a self-hosted, fully-hosted, public, private cloud, or fully-featured print management solution, we’ve got

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Serverless Printing: Print Server vs Serverless Printing

A dedicated print server used to be the sole way to control printing. Then “serverless” print management was made possible with the advent of cloud computing. But if you’re there debating between print servers and serverless, and which might be better? Actually, looking at it the wrong way. It’s not about one being better than

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Umango + Text Contextualization

What is a text contextualization? You’re probably familiar with image recognition, where you take an image and train it to recognize something. When it comes to OCR text, we’re talking about extracting some text from it.  Contextualization in Umango is all about telling the OCR engine how to analyze a region of an image. Telling

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How does a print server work?

Direct printing is simple. Hit print and the print job gets sent directly to the printer without the need of a print server. Its simplicity is its strength in small work environments – with few users and even fewer print devices – where a print server is not a justifiable expense. Since a print device’s

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What Every Business Needs to Know About Umango

Do you need a flexible and efficient scanning solution? Umango offers flexibility and efficiency in name scanning, indexing, conversion, and document storage. Umango is easy to install, configure, and use, resulting in short and painless implementation projects. Documents can be profiled in the panel on compatible MFDs, in a browser and tablet, or within the

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Understand the M-Files connector configuration

There are a number of ways the M-Files connector can be configured in your environment, and understanding those configurations is important for ensuring that your file upload process works correctly. The following guide will walk you through the configuration requirements for your specific integration.    There are a number of ways the M-Files connector can be

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ecoprintQ The Cannata Report


Look out for ecoprintQ’s new advertisements in the May issue and the website of The Cannata Report! In May, we are excited to announce that ecoprintQ will be advertising in The Cannata Report’s magazine and website. The May issue is a special edition that celebrates their 40th-Anniversary and will include industry leading features: A4 vs.

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ecoprintQ Umango Government workflow

Umango for Government

Flexible Solutions to Solve the Image Capturing Challenges for Government Departments Our cost effective solutions enable you to create workflow around how you want your information captured and stored with minimal complexity. A key to Umango is making sure our solutions are straightforward and easy to use. Our aim is to make sure you are

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