Unlocking 70% of New Business Prospects: Umango’s Revolutionary Advancements in Capture Technology

Umango recently concluded an impactful series of sales and technical training sessions, heralding a new era in the market. These sessions revealed groundbreaking developments, showcasing how new Umango dealers are not just upgrading from outdated capture products but are also seizing untapped client opportunities that were previously out of reach.

The sessions uncovered a pivotal insight: up to 70% of previously unexplored business prospects are now within grasp with Umango. Until now, these opportunities remained dormant due to their high cost and the complexities associated with project management.

Participants unanimously agreed that Umango presents solutions that are only 20% as complex as competing products while introducing innovative features that unlock entirely new client markets. This marks an exciting juncture to embrace advanced capture technology and harness Umango to generate new revenue streams, for example:

  • Game-Changing Insights: Recent Umango sales and tech training sessions revealed that new dealers are not just upgrading but also tapping into previously unexplored client opportunities.
  • Accessible Opportunities: Up to 70% of untapped business prospects are now within reach, previously hindered by costliness and complexity.
  • Simplified Solutions, Innovative Features: Umango offers solutions at 20% of the complexity of competitors, opening new client markets with innovative features.
  • Elite Tier Advancements: Participants were amazed by Umango’s Elite tier, especially its Ask AI capabilities for smart decision-making and rapid content processing.
  • Immediate Impact: Participants are eager to leverage Umango’s capabilities, generating fresh pipelines of opportunities and interest among both existing and potential clients.

The implications of these advancements extend far beyond individual benefits. Participants were enthusiastic about applying their newfound knowledge to enhance customer experiences, resulting in immediate interest and fresh streams of opportunities for Umango. This presents a chance to re-engage existing and potential clients, showcasing Umango’s remarkable capabilities.

“In a world where precision and efficiency are paramount, the ability to read MICR codes is not just an enhancement but a significant expansion of capabilities. By recognizing the unique patterns in MICR codes, this feature unlocks new possibilities in document processing, further expanding its capabilities and setting a new standard in the industry.”

Andrew Wade, Umango