Scan to Fax

It would be incredibly convenient to have the ability to scan a document at a copier and immediately fax it from the same machine. This feature would save time and effort by eliminating the need to transfer the document to a separate fax machine. Additionally, it would streamline the process and make it more efficient for users who frequently need to scan and fax documents.

Scan to Fax lets users scan a document and send it by fax. The scanned document is sent through a fax connector to the organization’s preferred fax provider, then sent to the recipient(s). It works across most MFD brands.

This service makes sending faxes from MFDs a quick, seamless, and intuitive experience.

Scan to Fax:

  • does not require additional authentication
  • provides power to SysAdmins to control who can send what and to where
  • allows OEMs to connect their devices to their customer’s preferred fax provider
  • allows fax providers to sell across a wide range of brands.

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