5 best practices for healthcare printing 


1 Complete visibility to ensure you’re HIPAA compliant 

End-to-end visibility is crucial for IT security as it enables the ability to anticipate, stop, identify, and if required, manage security concerns. PaperCut MF incorporates print visibility as a fundamental component, providing comprehensive audit logs for each print, copy, fax, and scan performed on your printers. This essential visibility is supported by three key features integrated into the system. 

Watermarking and Digital Signatures  

Watermarking is an effective way to enhance visibility and accountability in print documents. By adding visual marks, such as a date and username on each page or a digital signature, the document becomes traceable and identifiable. This ensures that print jobs can be tracked and monitored even after they have been securely printed and released. 

Application or audit logs 

PaperCut MF offers two types of logging within the Administration pages: Application and Audit logging. These logs can be accessed through the Logs tab by users with sufficient administrative rights. The Application Log keeps a comprehensive record of system events such as errors, notifications, and alerts, unless configured differently. On the other hand, the Audit Log maintains a complete history of any administrative changes made to a user, unless configured otherwise. These logging features allow users to predict, prevent, detect, and if necessary, contain security issues effectively. 

Print Job Logs 

A centralized, detailed job log serves as the starting point for print visibility. This log, also known as a printer audit log or printer event log, contains essential information such as the date, time, printer used, username, and document name. Additionally, it includes useful details like size in bytes, originating machine, driver type, and more. All this data can be conveniently accessed through a web-based user interface. 

2 Authentication at the nearest device to release to the right person  

In a standard network printing environment, print jobs are sent directly to the printer and start printing immediately. However, in a hospital or clinic setting, this setup poses a risk as confidential patient information could be left unattended at the printer. To address this, authentication at the device is crucial. PaperCut’s Secure Print Release ensures that only the correct user can access and release their documents.  

This feature is seamlessly embedded onto the device, providing a user-friendly experience. Additionally, Find-Me print complements Secure Print Release by making printing easier for healthcare providers and staff while maintaining security and compliance. In the rare instances where a print job is not released, it is securely deleted. 

“I was asked to report on the cost savings [of PaperCut], which was a real ‘wow’ moment. It was one of the first times we properly looked at the financial impact… There were millions saved.”

Baptist Health Care 

3 Make all your printers easy to find  

Let’s dive deeper into Find-Me Printing. Find-Me is best described not by what it does but by the problem it solves. Consider a large organization with hundreds of printers. The task of selecting the “best” printer from the list at the time of print can be daunting. Find-Me Printing solves the problem by asking the print job to find the user, rather than having the user find the printer. The process looks like this:

  • The user prints to a single site-wide global queue.
  • The user then walks up to a Release Station, logs in, locates their job, then releases it.
  • The job automatically prints to the printer closest to the Release Station. 

4 Admin control of secure scanning to specific destinations  

PaperCut offers a simple and user-friendly scanning feature through its Admin web interface. Administrators can easily configure scan actions, OCR settings, default scan settings, cloud destination options, and shared folder settings. When users log into a device, they will only see the scan actions that have been configured for them, ensuring greater security for sensitive destinations. 

In addition to scanning, PaperCut also provides flexibility in Scan to Fax. A new scan action in PaperCut MF allows users to send scanned documents as faxes through their preferred fax provider. Administrators have two service options, SMTP or API, to control who can send faxes and where they can be sent, while still providing a seamless experience for end users. 

5 Simplify and streamline print drivers and queues  

Print Deploy is a powerful tool that automates the tedious process of setting up print queues and deploying print drivers. It is specifically designed to cater to organizations with multiple locations and limited IT resources on site. Whether you have clinics, departments, or partners spread across different locations, Print Deploy can simplify your printing needs. 

One of the key benefits of Print Deploy is its ability to support clinical support care professionals who frequently move between locations. With Print Deploy, these users can effortlessly access printers on demand, without the hassle of setting anything up. The printers at each location are dynamically downloaded onto their computers, ensuring a seamless printing experience. 

Another advantage of Print Deploy is its compatibility with mixed computer environments. Regardless of the operating system or end-user permission level, Print Deploy provides an easy and efficient way to enable printing on all devices. This means that whether you have Windows, macOS, or Linux systems, Print Deploy has got you covered. 

In summary, Print Deploy is a reliable solution for organizations with multiple locations and limited IT resources. It simplifies the process of setting up print queues and deploying print drivers, allowing users to move between locations without any setup requirements. With its dynamic printer downloading feature and compatibility with various operating systems, Print Deploy ensures a hassle-free printing experience for all users. 

“It has helped our organization save thousands of dollars in resources and has helped tremendously improve security involving patient healthcare information.”  

Southeast Health

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5 best practices for healthcare printing 
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