Can you Mismatch Hardware and Virtual Appliances for High Availability?

When might you want to do this? What are your options if you want high availability but can’t afford a conventional load balancing solution? Could you have a dedicated hardware load balancer for all of your load balancing needs, and then a separate virtual appliance to temporarily shoulder the load should you ever have downtime? […]

Plan for the Worst When it Comes to Critical IT Systems.

No IT system is ever designed to fail. But they can – and they do. So how can you protect your critical IT systems and servers, to ensure high availability and guarantee zero downtime? Why do systems fail? In a world where tech is constantly evolving, it’s impossible to predict all future issues/glitches that might […]

How and When to Update Your Load Balancer

A quick guide outlining when and why you should update your hardware, virtual, and cloud Loadbalancer.org appliances. Should you even be updating your appliance? Well, we don’t mind if you do or not – the choice is yours. The pros are that with Loadbalancer.org’s feature-rich appliance, often when you update you gain additional features – […]

Printing without pain: How to scale print environments and avoid downtime

We’ve had many companies come to us over the years with problems they’re facing in their print environments. These systems might vary hugely in their size and complexity – but we’ve learned that, whatever the scale, it all comes down to a few main issues. Print environments often bring together multiple technologies and applications, which […]

Load balancing EHR for Healthier Healthcare IT Applications

Optimizing Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) means maximizing availability, performance, and security – and that’s where load balancers come in. EHR is prevalent in North America. In the US, if you encounter a health emergency while on vacation or a business trip, you no longer have to carry your pill bottles or produce hard-to-remember drug names […]

Uptime in Education: Resilient Applications in Schools, Colleges, and Universities with Loadbalancer.org

Loadbalancer.org’s Education Specialist, Harrison Rockensuss, looks at the fallout from Covid-19 and the ongoing need to embrace new digital ways of working. To say the last year was tough for IT professionals working in education would be an understatement. The speed at which they had to pivot and adapt was phenomenal: IT teams had to deliver […]

ecoprintQ Offers loadbalancer.org to Ensure Zero Downtime For Your Print Management Solution

Effectively managing, streamlining, and optimizing the print fleet and document workflow is key for any business – and a properly load balanced print management solution can ensure zero downtime, resilience, a simplified infrastructure, easy maintenance and optimal performance. Print and document workflow solutions keep organizations moving Tony works in the IT department of a large retail organization. Every time the business […]

Know The Lingo With Loadbalancer

New to loadbalancer? Check out our Introduction to Load Balancing, which describes load balancers in terms everyonecan understand and explains how they improve the performance of websites, mobile apps, and key business systems. Why loadbalancer? High availability – failover servers with no user impact Resilience – multi-site failover capabilities Reduce risk – isolate servers from […]

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