Unlocking Print Management Potential with Intuitive Dashboards for PaperCut Hive

Maximize the potential of your PaperCut Hive print management software with the seamless integration of Intuitive Dashboards. Our intuitive dashboards offer a comprehensive visual data summary, empowering key stakeholders to manage and control print usage and expenditure effortlessly. This blog explores how Intuitive Dashboards can revolutionize your print management experience with six pre-integrated dashboards, cloud deployment options, and instant setup.

Key Benefits:

  • Pre-Integrated Dashboards: Unleash the power of six pre-integrated dashboards that provide a holistic view of your print management data. These dashboards allow you to seamlessly navigate from high-level overviews to detailed analyses with just a few clicks.
  • Cloud Deployment at Your Fingertips: Intuitive Dashboards for PaperCut Hive offer instant cloud deployment, starting at less than $2.50 per device per month. Experience the convenience of accessing your print management insights anytime, anywhere, without the need for additional installations or hardware.
  • Effortless Setup: Enjoy a hassle-free setup process with Intuitive Dashboards. All setup is expertly handled by Intuitive, ensuring you can be up and running within hours. Say goodbye to complex installations and technical challenges.
  • Cost Management Made Easy: Quickly identify high-volume users and manage costs effectively. Our pre-built views allow you to drill down from high-level overviews straight to detailed analyses, enabling you to make informed decisions to optimize print-related expenses.
  • Print Estate Efficiency: Enhance the efficiency of your print estate by easily identifying underutilized and overutilized printers. Streamline your printing resources based on real-time data insights provided by Intuitive Dashboards.

Seamless Integration with PaperCut Hive:

With the exponential growth of PaperCut Hive, Intuitive offers an effortless solution for users to visualize their data through our well-established dashboards. Collaborating closely with the PaperCut development team, we’ve created a user-friendly Connector that not only grants access to data but also delivers powerful, pre-formatted dashboards right out of the box.

Getting Started:

  • Locate the Intuitive BI Connector:   Find the Intuitive BI connector in the PaperCut Hive Addons to initiate the integration.
  • Add to Your Implementation:   Add the Intuitive BI connector to your PaperCut Hive implementation effortlessly.

Activating Your Intuitive Dashboard Service:

  • Enable the Intuitive Add-on:   Once the Intuitive Add-on is enabled, you are ready to activate your Intuitive Dashboard service.
  • Contact Your PaperCut Reseller:   Contact your local PaperCut reseller, and they will seamlessly connect with us to get you up and running promptly.

Intuitive Dashboards enable you to harness the data stored within your PaperCut Hive print management software by presenting a visual data summary for all key stakeholders, ensuring you can easily manage and control print usage and spend. The solution includes powerful pre-integrated dashboards which allow you to navigate from high-level overviews to detailed analysis within a few clicks.

The solution does not require any installation or hardware and all setup is handled by Intuitive, meaning that you will be up and running within hours.

Experience a new era of print management with Intuitive Dashboards for PaperCut Hive. From effortless setup to powerful insights, our solution empowers you to take control of your print environment, optimize costs, and drive efficiency.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your print management experience unlock the potential of Intuitive Dashboards today.

For more Intuitive features please visit our Web page.

Unlocking Print Management Potential with Intuitive Dashboards for PaperCut Hive
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