Unlock Success: Your Guide to 2024 PaperCut LMS Updates!

Learn how the PaperCut LMS Certification courses are changing in 2024

As a part of the transition into 2024, ecoprintQ aims to ensure our resellers are prepared for the new year. We have put together some important information to inform everyone on the ongoing changes and updates to PaperCut MF’s Learning Management System (LMS) certification courses. 

On December 31, the PaperCut MF certification courses on our Learning Management System will expire.  

Here’s what you need to know: 

  • PaperCut MF certifications will be valid for two years from the date of passing the course. 
  • PaperCut Hive certifications will also be valid for two years from the date of passing the course. 
  • For PaperCut Hive Sales and PaperCut Hive Tech Foundation, if you have passed these courses this year and have a certificate that expires on December 31, 2024, your certificates will be amended so that they expire two years from the date the course was passed. 
Certification Course Expiring in 2023
03.0: 2022 + 2023 PaperCut MF Sales Foundation Certification
04.0: 2022 + 2023 PaperCut MF Sales Advanced Certification
05.0: 2022 + 2023 PaperCut MF Sales Specialist Certification
06.0: 2022 + 2023 PaperCut MF Tech Foundation Certification
07.0: PaperCut MF Tech Foundation Practical Exercises
08.0: 2022 + 2023 PaperCut MF Tech Advanced Certification
09.0: PaperCut MF Tech Specialist – High Availability Certification
11.0: Licensing & Quoting for PaperCut MF eLearning
12.0: Licensing & Ordering for PaperCut MF eLearning

If any of this sounds confusing, rest assured.  

The PaperCut LMS will now send an email to learners, notifying them that their certificate will expire 30 days prior to the expiration date. 

All LMS courses will be updated quarterly to ensure learners have access to the most current and relevant product knowledge. If a learner has already passed a course before an update is made, they can rely on the monthly product release communications from PaperCut to stay up-to-date. In the event of a significant product update, a new module may be added to the course. However, completing this new module will not impact a learner’s certification status. Rest assured, learners will be notified and invited to take the new module if necessary. 

NEW COURSES and Multilingual options coming soon

We are excited to announce that more new courses and even more multi-lingual options will be available soon. In mid-December, PaperCut will be releasing new PaperCut MF certifications, including an Introduction to PaperCut course and PaperCut MF Sales Foundation and Tech Foundation Certifications. These courses are essential for recertification for the next two years. With an interactive design, AI computer-generated voices, and personalized pacing, learners can easily navigate through the courses based on their knowledge level.  

In the coming year, PaperCut will also launch PaperCut MF Sales Advanced and Tech Advanced courses, expected around April/May. These courses will cover topics such as cloud, security, and high availability. As a result, Sales and Tech Specialist courses will no longer be required and will be removed from the Learning Management System (LMS) by the end of 2023. However, the Tech Specialist High Availability course will remain available until the new Tech Advanced course is introduced. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities for professional development in the field of PaperCut MF. 

For learners who prefer to learn in a language other than English

For learners who prefer to learn in a language other than English, PaperCut has good news for you. They have translated their existing PaperCut MF language courses on the LMS, providing a learning path that suits your language needs. They offer a variety of PaperCut MF courses in languages such as French, Spanish, Portuguese (BR), and more. Before starting any English courses, we encourage learners to check if there is a course available in their preferred language.  

If you pass one of these translated courses before December 31, 2023, you will not need to recertify next year. Additionally, your certificate will be extended for another two years. We understand the importance of accommodating different language preferences and want to reward your dedication to learning.  

Exciting news for French-speaking learners!  

PaperCut Hive Sales Foundation and Tech Foundation courses are now available in French. For those who prefer German or Spanish, PaperCut Hive Sales Foundation and Tech Foundation courses will be released by mid-December. Stay tuned for updates and continue your language learning journey with us. 

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Unlock Success: Your Guide to 2024 PaperCut LMS Updates!
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