Exciting Update: Umango Unveils Seamless Salesforce Export Connectivity!

We at ecoprintQ are very excited to bring you this amazing news about our partner Umango!  Umango is proud to share the latest enhancement to their export connectors—introducing seamless connectivity to Salesforce! This addition expands our capabilities, allowing your clients to leverage Umango’s powerful tools for advanced capture from MFD touch screens and web browsers directly into their Salesforce environment.

Key Features:

Effortless Data Capture: Umango simplifies the data capture process, effortlessly extracting vital information from paperwork, emails, and digital files via MFD touch screens and web browsers.

Seamless Salesforce Integration: With Umango’s new export connectivity to Salesforce, your clients can now streamline the transfer of captured data directly into their Salesforce system. This integration ensures a smooth and efficient workflow for managing critical information.

No Salesforce Expertise Required: Your customers don’t need to be Salesforce experts to benefit from this integration. Umango allows them to easily configure data extraction preferences within Salesforce in just minutes, offering a user-friendly experience.

Essential Solution Component: Umango acts as the essential glue in your solution conversations. It provides you with a powerful tool to offer your clients for their data capture needs, enhancing the overall value of your solutions.

Wide Range of Export Connectors: Explore Umango’s extensive list of export connectors to seamlessly integrate with various business systems. Learn more about how Umango can drive your solution business and differentiate your offerings.

Here are the reasons to use Umango’s Export Connectivity to Salesforce:

  • Streamlined Data Capture: Effortlessly capture data from multifunctional devices (MFD) touch screens and web browsers, simplifying the process of extracting vital information from various sources.
  • Seamless Integration: Enjoy seamless connectivity to Salesforce, expanding your integration options and ensuring smooth workflows between Umango and your Salesforce environment.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Say goodbye to manual data entry and cumbersome processes. Umango automates the capture process, saving time and resources for your organization.
  • User-Friendly Configuration: Configure data extraction preferences within Salesforce in minutes, without the need for extensive training or technical expertise. Umango makes it easy for users of all skill levels.
  • Versatile Solution: Umango’s extensive set of export connectors offers flexibility and versatility, empowering you to meet the unique needs of your clients and drive differentiation in your solution offerings.
  • Empowered Solution Conversations: With Umango as the essential glue in your solution conversations, you can confidently offer your clients a powerful yet user-friendly tool for their information management needs, enhancing your value proposition and driving business growth.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your solution offerings with Umango’s Salesforce export connectivity. Empower your clients with an easy yet powerful tool for their data capture needs. 

Contact us at sales@ecoprintq.com today or reach out to your Channel Manager to learn more about how Umango can transform your solution conversations and drive business success!

Exciting Update: Umango Unveils Seamless Salesforce Export Connectivity!
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