Take it to the Cloud with Umango and free up space in your office

There are many companies with warehouses full of file boxes with paper documents accumulated over long periods of time.
Would this be considered productive? Keep in mind there are hidden costs involved such as location costs, temperature control, and the possible risk of fire or theft.
Would this practice be an example for promoting paper recycling?
Not if you want to be viewed as an avant-garde, productive and even more importantly “Socially responsible”company. One mustn’t let issues like these fall to the wayside. Just one tiny spark and years of record-keeping, documents, and money paid for storage are lost, not to mention the pollutants that can contaminate our environment.
Digitalization is the future! Gone are the days of local file storage. Therefore, we feel that in the cloud is the best option. Digitalizing your company records and keeping them in one central location makes it a breeze to search, manage, and update them.
Dare to start digitalizing your records with this simple solution that lets you extract information from scanned documents or convert them into editable formats and the option to store them in the Cloud.
Umango, the best solution for promoting awareness, process improvement, and reducing your corporate carbon footprint.
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