Happy Earth Day 2019!

April 22, 2019 is Earth Day. In honor of Earth Day 2019, here are 5 Tips on how you can participate in Earth Day and continue the habit to make sure sustainability and conservation become an integral part of your life. Also, be sure to check out last week’s article about conserving our wild life.

  1. Conserve Water

Water is one of our greatest natural resources. Sadly, though it’s becoming more and more scarce. When it comes to water use whether it be in your home or at your workplace, try being more mindful of the amount of water used and wasted on the daily.

Making sure to turn the faucet off when brushing or washing your face is an easy first step. While showering or taking a bath after a long day seems great, in the long run, the amount of water wasted is only becoming more and more alarming. Try cutting your showers and baths shorter, maybe indulge in a hot bath every other week.

  • Turn off Lights

Forgetting to shut off lights is an all too common occurrence. Whether you’re running late and forget to hit the switch on your way out, to being so tired you just didn’t have the energy to get back up, so you leave it on, these can always be prevented.

Today, there have been so many advances within the world of technology that there are more and more options. Try getting a timer you can place on your lights. This way, you can set the timer in the morning before you leave, and they’ll shut off in case you forget. Similarly, if you’re exhausted after work, turn the timer on, so you don’t fall asleep with the light on.

  • Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

A very green mantra, these three words are always brought up when talking about ways to go green. It can be tiring to hear, but it is the first step into promoting and creating a greener way of life. Reduce as much waste as you can. When it comes to paper waste, PaperCut is a print management process that works for any schools or work environment to reduce paper waste.

Reuse any plastics you may attain, like plastics from take out. Starting using reusable bags when going to the grocery store so you don’t have to take paper or plastic bags. Lastly, if your workplace or home is not big on recycling, begin a recycling initiative. For more tips on how to get started, read our article on the importance of sustainability.

  • Pollution    

  While pollution will always b around, we can make sure to do our part to help reduce it. There are 5 main different types of pollution. From air pollution, to soil pollution, to noise pollution, the ways to hep reduce each of these are many. If you have a few co workers that live around you, start an office carpool. Maybe even take a page from James Corden and start a morning carpool karaoke to work! If you live close enough, consider walking or riding your bike.

Start activities like planting trees around your neighborhood or workplace, use non-toxic cleaning solutions, turn off your AC for a while and crack open some windows to bring in fresh air. The ways to help reduce pollution are out there. Let’s work together to help protect our species and our mother earth.    

  • Check out activities or volunteering spots in your area

If you’re in an area near beaches, lookup weekend beach clean-ups to take part in. There are many ways to find environmental activities that you can volunteer for to help do your part. If you’re an animal lover, find shelters or habitats where you can volunteer to help our wildlife. Donate to organizations, shelters, rehabilitation centers, parks, or habitats that strive to help protect and sustain our wildlife.

Let us help you get started with making living green an integral part of your life. Start with going green at your workplace. With PaperCut’s lead print management solution, you can reduce paper waste. ecoprintQ is a PaperCut authorized solution center. We’re here to help you take those first steps. Give us a call at 800-236-8499 or email us at sales@ecoprintq.com to learn more about PaperCut.