Intuitive Business Intelligence – What Really is Print Management?


ecoprintQ wants you to know what print management is in a nutshell

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Print management software allows owners to have full control over the printing within their business. This software allows them to control issues such as, who can print, the quantity of printing and also the cost of individual users.

According to a study from March 2021, the world produced 300 million tons of paper a year. [1] Now you might be thinking ‘how much of that comes from our offices?’ Well, studies show that ‘the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year and the average business’ paper consumption grows by 22% per year.’[2]

On the whole, we must start thinking about printing more effectively and efficiently. You must ask yourself ‘is this document something that really needs to be printed off?’ When documents are printed unnecessarily and have no real purpose, the likelihood is that the paper is thrown in the bin – meaning that your business is paying for the wasted document! Our print management software can help to prevent this, with our Intuitive for PaperCut dashboards, you are able to see everything print-related within your business.

What are the main benefits of print management dashboards?

Greater Visibility of your Printing

Two of the main questions we get asked at Intuitive is ‘which department is costing us the most in printing’ and ‘which user is printing the most.’ Our dashboards provide you with these answers in one simple view, as they allow you to clearly see the names of your employees, their department, what is being printed and from which printer. Our dashboards also have the ability to provide you with information regarding whether the printed document was color/mono, duplex/single and even if it was printed, scanned or copied.

Environmental impact

We know that conserving the environment is currently a big topic, but sometimes you will find that you still need to print. Our print management dashboards allow you to visually see the environmental impact that your printing has had. We are able to show you information such as how much electricity you are consuming, how many trees have been used and also the amount of CO2 which has been expended! This critical information allows you to keep on top of your environmental impact when printing. 

Cost Savings

All-in-all, the benefits from above can result in your business saving costs. Our Intuitive for PaperCut dashboards can save customers a healthy chunk off their IT budget. Seeing results about your printing inspires you and your employees to use smart printing patterns going forward.

[1] How Much Paper is Used in One Day? | Record Nations
[2] How Much Paper is Used in One Day? | Record Nations

Open Up Opportunities for Digital Transformation

Understanding who is printing what, and where can be the first step in a digital transformation project. If you can understand current print volumes, which departments are driving demand, and what sort of documents they are printing, scanning or copying, then you can identify opportunities for digitization. Is there a broken link in an otherwise digital process, where your users are reverting to printing and then re-entering data?  If you can understand print patterns and usage, you are taking the first steps to improving your processes and achieving digital transformation.

Who can use Intuitive for PaperCut dashboards?

Anybody with a Multifunctional Printer can use our dashboards – and if you’re an existing PaperCut user that’s even easier! We recommend for the best results and to really see where you can make savings within your business, that you have at least 5 users using a printer.

Use Cases

Here are some examples of where print management dashboards have helped to deliver benefits to the organization.  In some cases, reducing costs, but also in opening up opportunities for further digital transformation projects.

Case 1 : Scanning

Customer: Higher Education College

Business Issue:

  • Weren’t aware of any scanning volume
  • Installed Intuitive dashboards
  • Identified 30k scans per year


  • Understand what is being scanned, is it being backed up, what process does it relate to.
  • An opportunity for a digital workflow solution

Case 2: Cost center recharging

Customer: County Council (local government department)

Business Issue:

  • Implemented print management dashboards – displaying data by department
  • Data manually converted to cost centre
  • Then uploaded into finance system for cross charging.


  • Analyze print data automatically by cost center
  • Transfer data automatically to finance system for cross charging.

Case 3: Color printing

Customer: Major Logistics Business

Business Issue:

  • Implemented dashboards. 
  • Identified large peak in color printing each month
  • Further drill down identified HR user color printing all holiday requests in color
  • Rekeying into HR system.


  • Reduce costs of color printing
  • Save time by implementing an integration between holiday request forms and HR system.

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Intuitive Business Intelligence – What Really is Print Management?

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