Separating Documents with Umango

When running a large batch of documents, users are faced with the problem of having to separate batches manually, run each batch individually, label each batch accordingly, and route each batch to its appropriate location. As you can tell, this is very time consuming and outdated practice but is a fundamental way that many companies do business. Umango’s batch separation option has an embedded solution that helps separate large batches in a variety of ways as seen below:

  • Based on Number of Pages

Users can set up documents if there are a specific number of pages so that if each batch has an identical number of pages, you can set the batch to separate after a specified number of pages has been processed.

  • Barcodes

Using Barcodes is an effective tool to recognize, manage, and categorize each document based on the barcode on the coversheet of each batch. Barcodes can be set for automation when reading each batch to without any user intervention can send documents and batches to their proper location by just the barcode that has been assigned to each batch.

  • OCR Text on First Page

Optical Character Recognition has the flexibility to smart seek keywords or phrases to determine when to separate batches. Using OCR batch separation can smart seek page numbers, client names, titles and so on, helping the user automatically separate batches, as well as allowing for manual intervention if the confidence levels of finding that keyword or phrase were not met.

  • Separation Sheets

Umango separation sheets are an easy to use document separator that can be slipped in-between batches and once scanned, automatically separates each batch accordingly. Unlike most batch separating features that make you go out and purchase them, Umango has created a tab that allows users to print as many separator sheets as needed at no cost. With companies that process high volumes of documents, separation sheets can get lost in mountains of papers. To avoid this, Umango recommends using different colored separator sheets to quickly locate and remove batch separators.

  • Automatic Document Recognition

ADR is a feature from analyzing each sample cover sheet and being able to read the structure of that document and separate based on how similar the document is to the sample. This can be set to levels of confidence and thresholds that have to be met in order for the document to separate making it flexible on how similar or different the page can look for it to automatically separate.

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Separating Documents with Umango

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