The Importance of Sustainability

PaperCut International is a print management solution software that helps reduce paper waste. Apart from this, PaperCut strongly encourages being green in the workplace, at school, and even at home. Caring deeply about the environment is something PaperCut is often outspoken about. As a PaperCut authorized solution center, we also make sure to take initiative and enforce being green, for mother earth. Hence the eco in ecoprintQ.

One of our (Papercut and ecoprintQ) main goals is to get organizations to start printing thoughtfully. What exactly does printing thoughtfully mean? Basically, printing thoughtfully means being aware of how you print and what you print. Instead of printing 100 single sided papers in color, you can print thoughtfully by printing 50 double-sided pages in black and white, cutting the amount of paper being used in half.

PaperCut allows you to see the environmental impact caused by your printing at the MFP. The way they do this is by showing it to you with three simple but attention-grabbing statistics. The number of trees expended to make the papers, the CO2 equivalent in greenhouse gases released during paper production, and the energy used by in the manufacturing process when producing the paper.  

Seeing this environmental impact is not only for users who log in to print their materials. Administrators can also see the environmental impact of users, which can lead to stricter printing rules.

Here are three Helpful Tips when it comes to printing:

  1. Think before you print

When you’re about to print something, take a moment to think and really ask yourself if it NEEDS to be printed. Is this something that can be emailed or stored digitally? If it is, try to start getting into the habit of creating digital file folders or use services like Google Drive or Microsoft SharePoint.

If you have an announcement for the office try emailing it with a captivating subject line so it’s not missed instead of printing out copies for the office that are bound to be trashed anyways.  

2. Use thinner paper

While most think that you need to use regular printer paper, thin paper works just as well if not better on some occasions, Thinner printer paper means less paper used.

3. Recycle your cartridges and wasted paper

Implement a cartridge recycle system. You can recycle empty cartridges or refill them to reuse them.

For more useful tips and tricks to help you create a greener workplace, which hopefully leads into your personal life, checkout our 6 Tips to Help You Reduce Office Waste.

PaperCut’s leading print management software helps people and organizations become more conscious when printing. ecoprintQ is a PaperCut authorized solution center here for all your PaperCut needs. For more information about PaperCut and what ecoprintQ will do for you, email us at or call us 800-236-8499.

The Importance of Sustainability

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