What You Should Know About PaperCut MF’s Job Ticketing

What is Job Ticketing?

Job Ticketing is a PaperCut MF feature that manages and automates 3D printing, production printing, laser cutting, and anything else that goes on in a print room or Fab Lab – all in one place. It works seamlessly with any brand/device and setting it up is beyond easy: simply integrate it into your existing PaperCut MF configuration.

The Job Ticketing Module provides a simple web-based order submission and workflow management for PaperCut MF users, allowing better communication and tracking of job order transactions in Print Rooms and 3D Fab Labs as well as any services offered by these facilities.

How does it work?

PaperCut users can submit orders to the print shop through the PaperCut end-user web interface. This is the same one used to check individual print balances and transaction histories. Users interact with a digital “storefront” that displays products available from the print shop or Fab Lab with detailed ordering instructions within each category.

For operators, once the user submits an order using the web interface, printshop operators can track jobs from submission to customer delivery communicating every step of the way with built in links to email. Job Ticketing comes complete with a standard workflow and product examples, as well as it is also flexible enough to design your own workflow to match the way your shop operates.

Ideal Environments and Requirements

Universities with Fab Labs, Schools with 3D Printers, and Copy Centers are all ideal environments for Job Ticketing. PaperCut MF version 18.0 and higher is required. Licensed per print room, additional licenses per site can be added. Each print room can have its own workflow, contact info, URL for submitting jobs. Job Ticketing can also customize product images, workflow status, announcements, and delivery options.

ecoprintQ is a PaperCut Authorized Solution Center. For more information on how Job Ticketing would be beneficial for your company or school, or for more information on how we can help you get started with PaperCut, call us at 800-236-8499 or email us at sales@ecoprintq.com.

What You Should Know About PaperCut MF’s Job Ticketing

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