4 of the Most Common Copy/Printer Problems

Working in an office environment can become frustrating when it comes to having to print, scan, or copy something. Just when you need it the most, there’s a malfunction. Here are 4 everyday copy/printer problems and ways you can fix them.

Cartridge or Toner Issues

One of the most prevalent issues that arise for toner cartridges comes when they’re low or empty. This happens usually when you need to print or copy something important. As soon as the machine displays the low toner notification, try to replace it then and there. Ensure the office is always supplied with extras, ordering more when there’s one or two left so you always have them in stock for these instances.

When it comes to cartridges malfunctioning, this usually means one of two things. Either there is a manufacturing error or incompatibility issues. Copy machines usually require specific toner, so if you place in a cartridge not meant for that specific device, your device will suffer.

Too Light or Too Dark Copies

Whenever there is an imbalance in density control, pages may come out either too light or too dark. This can be the result of someone simply messing with the setting by mistake, the toner in the machine is no longer good, or the drum can be at the end of its life. If the setting was altered, resetting the density levels is the easiest solution.

If the toner is the issue, a replacement would be needed.

Wrinkled Pages

Showing up to an office meeting or seeing a client with wrinkly crinkled pages is not the best look. Worn out feed and exit rollers are usually the culprits that cause sticking or jamming. Moisture caused by humidity and fuser assemblies can also be the cause.

Paper stock that is noticeably damaged should not be used. Replacing worn out paper trays will prevent the wrinkling of pages. A technician might be needed for fuser assemblies.

Paper Jams

An everyday occurrence that happens in offices worldwide daily, the most common copy machine error award must go to paper jams. There are quite a few reasons as to what causes paper jams. The wrong paper size, improperly loading paper, roller damage, using low-quality paper, or even paper dust. Yes, paper dust, which clogs machines causing the jams.

To avoid or at least decrease as much as possible the number of paper jams, think about writing down these issues and posting them visibly near the machine for others to see and keep in mind.

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