ecoprintQ’s First Add-On: Print BI using Google – Dashboards to Visualize PaperCut Hive Data

Print BI using Google ecoprintQ

Today more than ever, converting your print, copy, and scan data into an easy-to-understand visual platform is key. ecoprintQ has developed a new add-on for PaperCut Hive Print BI using Google! Now you can easily convert Paper Cut Hive print, copy, and scan data into custom dashboards for an executive view of your organization’s print activities. Your data is routinely synchronized, so your dashboards are always updated with the most current information. You can effortlessly create custom interfaces based on your activities that converts your data within Paper Cut Hive into useful business intelligence. Share your insights and gain useful information to empower your organization.

Print BI using Google… print, copy, and scan data at your fingertips.

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