Intuitive’s New Intuitive BI Connector for PaperCut Hive

ecoprintQ Intuitive BI Connector PaperCut Hive

ecoprintQ is proud to support Intuitive’s announcement of its Intuitive BI Connector for PaperCut Hive.

The Intuitive BI Connector for PaperCut Hive allows organizations to connect their print data from PaperCut Hive to Intuitive’s pre-integrated BI solution with a complete set of standard print management dashboards.

Companies can be up and running within a matter of hours, allowing them to:

  • Harness the data stored in your instance of PaperCut Hive
  • Present a visual and dynamic print data summary for all key stakeholders
  • Tailor the data for individual users, departments of cost centers.

The visual dashboards show where organizations can improve the efficiency of their print infrastructure – for example by highlighting print hotspots (by user, group or department), show under and over utilized MFDs.  Armed with this data you are better informed to manage and control print usage and spend. 

Regular reports can be personalized to match various organization’s needs, removing the requirement to manually create reports, turn them into graphics and distribute to key people who need the information generated from PaperCut Hive.

“With the huge interest and growth in PaperCut Hive, it made sense for us to offer an easy way for PaperCut Hive users to download the data into our well-established Intuitive dashboards.   We have worked closely with the PaperCut development team to create an easy-to-use Connector, that not only allows users to access the data, but delivers a pre-formatted set of dashboards out of the box, that are extremely powerful.”

Head of Product Development Colin Stocker

The Intuitive solution for PaperCut is designed to enable secure transfer of data from PaperCut Hive to a customer, reseller or ASC hosted copy of the Intuitive BI application.  All you need to do is install the Intuitive dashboard software, and you’ll get a complete set of pre-configured visual dashboards out of the box. The dashboards are shared through an interactive web page and can be personalized for different users.

Watch the short video about Intuitive BI Connector for PaperCut Hive:

How To Download the Intuitive Hive BI Connector

Intuitive for PaperCut Hive Dashboards

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