PaperCut’s New QRdoc Product

PaperCut recently launched their new free product, QRdoc. This new product is a cool versioning tool that stamps QR codes on PDFS and paper documents. The QR codes allow users to unlock many powerful features like:

  • Access to the latest version(s) of your document(s)
  • Finding text in your printed document
  • Emailing paper documents without scanning
  • Opening a digital copy of any printed document
  • Being able to follow printed documents, magazines, or brochures to know when new versions are released

We know this sounds a little too good to be true, but we promise, it really is that good. Essentially QRdoc is a document management tool that helps push PaperCut’s digital revolution. Users can use QRdoc on the web or use QRdoc Assistant for mobile, including tablets.

How to use the QR Code:

If you have an electronic copy, simply click on the QR code to open in Assistant. With a paper copy in hand, scan the QR code using your smartphone or iPad to get the digital copy.

Reasons to stamp documents with QRdoc:

Whether your distributed documents are electronic or on paper, users can:

  • Know exactly which version of a document they have
  • Find out if a newer version is available and get the newer version
  • Ensure that their copy of the document is current, matching the master document online
  • Easily search the document
  • Electronically send the document without needing to make paper copies

Here are a few more questions you may have about QRdoc:

How secure is it?

Like an email or a paper letter, you’re in control of who you first send a QRdoc to, but the control stops there. QRdoc cannot stop recipients from sharing the documents.

Is there a catch?

Nope! PaperCut is a print management company whose goal is to cut down paper waste. The goal for QRdoc is the same. To help reduce waste and save the trees. While PaperCut may charge for advanced features in the future, QRdoc is free for anyone to use. Checkout the QRdoc Story for more background and info on why PaperCut created this new free tool.

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PaperCut’s New QRdoc Product

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