Toshiba and Umango the perfect combination for your daily operations!

Umango is an essential application for Toshiba MFP devices.

Umango is an essential application for Toshiba MFP devices. These great combinations of tools complement the Toshiba device by adding powerful document conversion capabilities that enable companies to extract additional value from scanned documents. In just one go documents can be imported directly on the multi-function device, paper files can be converted into a wide range of forms, including searchable and editable PDFs, Word, and Excel documents, saving valuable time and resources. 

Exports to Network folders, XML, CSV, email, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive

With Umango your customers can stop drowning in information and transform it into accessible information. Find and extract specific information from a large batch of documents with Umango and streamline your document workflows. Our software solution is ideal for organizations looking to expand the use of their hardware investment, achieve greater productivity and costs savings, with minimal investment or implementation. We believe your current hardware infrastructure is integral to the solution, not only can we convert paper documents into electronic files that are easier to capture, store and share, but we automate your document workflows so they are more efficient. Our workflow automation solution also allows businesses to improve their internal processes whilst saving costs and improving efficiencies. Streamlining your business processes using software applications not only helps businesses manage more efficiently but removes wasted time, paper and reduces errors in operations.

Key benefits and features include 3 main areas:


  • Scalable number of document sources
  • Unlimited scans (no page count or volume limitation)
  • Effortless connectivity to supported MFDs
  • User Authentication for Umango at MFD panel


  • Import XML metadata
  • Import email attachments
  • Import MS Office file formats (*.docx,*.xlsx,*.pptx etc.)
  • Capture from MFD, workstation, web browser or tablet


  • Validate or enter data directly on the MFD panel
  • Auto document cleanups and filters (eg. delete blank pages)
  • Scalable # of processors to increase document volume
  • Use auto document recognition (ADR) to detect document types


  • Convert to xlsx, docx, rtf, odt, html and more
  • Output to PDF/A and text searchable PDF/A
  • Export to a wide range of extended export destinations+
  • Optional Chinese Japanese & Korean OCR Languages

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