5 Ways PaperCutMF Benefits Education

When it comes to education, schools need to be reliable in the printing department. Students, teachers, and faculty alike use this resource for all their needs. In turn, costs can be high, especially if there are no limits or policies in place when it comes to printing. Here are 5 reasons why schools, whether it be top universities or primary schools, benefit from using PaperCutMF software.

  1. Schools can save money by eliminating waste and cutting costs

One of the most significant benefits of using PaperCut software would be the fact that it eliminates waste and cuts costs. High-volume printing is huge in educational environments, like in universities for example where thousands of students print essays and dissertations daily.

PaperCut allows for restrictions in how students print by setting limitations. Even simple settings like double-sided printing with black ink can go a long way and save half of what is being spent without these restrictions. With PaperCutMF for education, you can cut costs and allow for saved money to be allocated to other departments.

2. Environmental impact

Seeing the impact in real time offers a way for students, teachers, and faculty to print thoughtfully. PaperCut allows you to see the environmental impact in real time.

As one of PaperCut’s most critical missions, considering the environmental impact of printing paper, the statistics come in three. You are shown the number of trees that were expected to make the paper, the Carbon Dioxide equivalent in greenhouse gases related during paper production, and energy used by manufacturing processes when producing the paper. With this, you are cutting costs, saving the environment, and getting a science lesson in.

3. Security is a need

Security is a must when it comes to educational settings. Offering top-notch security, PaperCut has had security specifically for education in mind since day one. They continually strive to keep security one of the most critical aspects of the software. The security response team is always reviewing security threats and proactively work to implement new and strengthen existing security features.

Documents will only print when the user is physically there to print and pick it up. This avoids stolen or wrongfully picked up papers all around.

4. Reliability and simplicity

Speed, reliability, and simplicity are extra features PaperCut bring to make your print management experience the greatest. If you’re still in need of some convincing, check out this case study about how a school in the United Kingdom found benefits in PaperCut for education.

5. Google for Education

PaperCutMF is now a Google for Education Premier Partner. With the new G Suite integration, schools who are Chromebook users and Google users in general, can now sync and authenticate students with their Google credentials. This gives admins control over how much students can print and how they can print.

This also ties into security by avoiding security breaches. Allows for BYOD printing with the use of Chromebooks, and overall is efficient and simple in practice.

From primary schools in Latin America to universities in the United States, PaperCut for education is here to help make printing in schools reliable, cost-saving, and environmentally friendly. As an authorized solution center, ecoprintQ is here to help you gain all the benefits PaperCut MF has when it comes to education.

Let us answer all of your questions and create solutions to your problems by bringing you the support you need and deserve. For more information about PaperCut MF and the services, ecoprintQ provides, send us an email at sales@ecoprintq.com, or call us today at 800-236-8499.