8 Reasons to invest in Print Management

Shrinking budgets and the need to be more cost-effective are major concerns of many organizations across the world, especially within the education sector. The requirement to print paper documents on a daily basis is not going to cease in the near future and so it is vital that business leaders look for new ways to manage their print devices. In this article, we will explore 8 reasons why investing in a print management solution is well worth looking into.

What is Print Management? Print management is a common sense practice that offers concrete visibility into how, when and by whom any organization’s print devices are being used. Often times, print can be the most expensive consumable item in your business, especially when you are using multi-function printers. We’ll explore what some of the benefits are of having a print management solution in place.

Why invest in a Print Management System?

Print Management is the process of centralizing and securing the administration of print devices. With the help of a print management system, IT can manage networked printers based on location, device type, device status and usage parameters; no matter how large your copier fleet is, gaining insights into the maintenance of print fleets and maintaining an ecosystem where users- can submit and self-monitor print jobs will help increase productivity.

ecoprintQ in the field

Jennifer Muller, the North East Channel Manager for ecoprintQ, a PaperCut Authorized Solution Center, has sold the solution for 5 years and has had hundreds of software demonstrations and conversations about the benefits of print management. She says the top three features as to why PaperCut MF is so enticing are Find Me Printing, Secure Print Release, and Tracking and Reporting. Find Me Printing allows you to print to a central queue and release the job from any device. Secure Print Release requires users to use an authentication option such as their employee badge, key fob, username, or custom PIN to view and select what job to release. All of these activities can be tracked and reported on, with over 80 pre-built reports to cover every user, device, department, and other custom options. The biggest benefit of print management is that you can fully understand your print ecosystem, knowing who is printing what and when. It reduces waste, saves money, and promotes a secure environment.

Hannah Barrett PiF Technologies
Jennifer Muller, NE Channel Manager, PaperCut Certified ASC

8 Reasons to Invest in Print Management

  • It’s better for the planet and for your wallet
  • It allows you to create a completely secure print system
  • It simplifies the print process
  • You can print from any device at any time, from anywhere
  • It simplifies scanning
  • It’s scalable with your business
  • It promotes positive print behavior
  • Users can adapt to it quickly

Exciting right? Want to find out more about this PaperCut MF? Contact us at sales@ecoprintq.com to learn more today.

8 Reasons to invest in Print Management
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