An Introduction to Umango

Umango is software for document scanning, data extraction, file conversion, and imaging. Simple to use and easy to install, umango is excellent for businesses, education, government, realtors, and even occupational health and safety organizations. Here’s an introduction to umango’s two most prominent software’s, extract and convert.

Umango Convert – Accurate Document Conversion Made Easy

Umango Convert provides document separation, image filtering, and routing of a wide variety of file types, allowing for the solution to then assign jobs across your network. Convert provides a powerful, easy to configure, easy to use document conversion and routing solution.

There are a variety of flexible options for converting from your electronic files and scanned paperwork. Umango separator sheets, for example, scan volumes of documents in one scan. From there you can route converted documents to email addresses, network folders, an FTP, or document management systems like SharePoint.

Umango Convert allows for quicker and more accurate access to the documents you need to convert. A perfect complement to your photocopier or scanner, taking heavy lifting off the copier to a centralized document conversion solution.

Umango Extract – Smart Data Extraction and Routing

Umango Extract is a bulk document scanning and indexing application that provides a powerful range of features to read information off paperwork. If you have documents that are pre-printed with the information you want to extract, umango extract is what you need.

Extract offers several flexible ways to read the information you need and want to use. With extract comes smart seek to extract data you require, 1D and 2D barcode reads, in-process look-ups, and a list of values function, which speeds up the way you validate or cross-reference documents.

Umango Extract and Convert include great features that allow you and your business to work efficiently, productively, and quickly. Umango is data extraction, document conversion, and routing all at your fingertips.

Conversion and Extraction software improves accuracy, increases productivity, saves time, and improves visibility. Umango even has mobility solutions for document and data capture for tablets and mobile phones! The inspiring umango team is constantly working on updating their software programs to be even greater and more beneficial for you.

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