Fax Connectors integrations simplified by PaperCut

PaperCut offers an easy-to-use fax connector, allowing users to integrate with existing fax providers to send and receive faxes from the MFDs.

PaperCut’s fax connector was built to deal with high work volumes without compromising quality or reliability. This solution solves challenges that other fax integrations have at high volumes. In fact, it is one of the most reliable fax-sending connector integrations that focuses on adding more fax providers with more being added to the roadmap every quarter. 

“PaperCut will be the only provider that can interoperate with almost all fax providers across almost all embedded platforms”

This blog shares how this integration helps to deliver high work while making it easy for our customers and partners to provide critical solutions, just by the touch of a screen. PaperCut has designed this solution to solve these challenges specifically, making it one of the most reliable fax-sending platforms in the world.

Benefits of using the Papercut fax connector:

PaperCutMF Scan to Fax lets users scan a document and send it via a fax service. The scanned document is sent through a fax connector to the organization’s preferred fax provider, then sent to the recipient(s). This service makes sending faxes from MFDs a quick, seamless, and intuitive experience for the users.

The Benefits are: 

  • Allows fax providers to sell across a wide range of brands.
  • Does not require additional authentication (SSO to Fax Connector)
  • There’s no need for integration fees or any other third-party licensing fees either.
  • Provides power to SysAdmins to control who can send what and to where
  • Allows OEMs to connect their devices to their customer’s preferred fax provider.

Types of Scan to Fax connections:

Basic: Send a scanned document through an SMTP fax connector to anyone.

Advanced: Send a scanned document through an API fax connector to anyone. This includes a Phonebook lookup of recipient details.

Supported Industry Fax Providers

We currently support the following fax providers and the list is growing:

  • GoFax
  • RightFax
  • XM Fax Cloud
  • XM Fax On-premises
  • Retarus
  • eGoldFax
  • Concord
  • WestFax (developed, sold, and supported by WestFax)

MFD / Basic Vs Advanced – Scan Options Availability

Trying to understand what is the easiest way to understand what device is compatible with providers and posess basic or advanzed availability. Check the below chart for easy understanding!

Exciting right? Want to find out more about this PaperCut MF? Contact us at to learn more today. For more deep imformation and troubleshooting tips, inlcluding frecuently asked questions, visit PaperCut’s help center at

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