How Umango makes your Devices Smarter

Whether you are already comfortable selling Umango’s document scanning, file conversion and imaging solutions or would like to learn more about the approach, there are some valuable advantages to discussing Umango with your clients. Find out more about the benefits of this software here. Umango helps businesses improve workflow, collaboration, and efficiency by scanning, extracting information, and converting the resultant ‘raw’ file into a precise and format-rich ‘target’ destination file.

Umango makes your MFP smarter by pushing a customizable job button to your device, instantly adding profiling options and automatic document conversion, saving your business thousands as you un-tap the potential of your current multifunction format destinations.

Have you ever been frustrated by the inability to scan a document from your MFP without having to first tell of what it is? Umango cuts that out by imaging the feeder, recognizing and delivering a custom job button to your MFP, for a one-touch scan. Umango’s powerful algorithms take any document and convert it directly into a format decided by the user.

“There is more than just one benefit related to the integration with Umango. First, manufacturers offer the functionality, but they don’t do it properly. Not only that, the OCR engines that are embedded in the devices are just not good engines.

Quentin Gribble, CEO of Umango

Please watch the interview below with ecoprintQ’s Alfredo Milanes and Dominick Bracero and Quentin Gribble, CEO of Umango. They highlight the importance of Umango’s new Toshiba embedded solution and the key benefits of the system.

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